Who Am I...

I am the culmination of five beings, five lives that served as soldiers and five attributes of what it means to be human. Though despite it, I cannot help but feel I am still incomplete.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am the uncaring manipulator. A high tier Reality Bender with the function to bend almost anything to my will but without the motivation to do it. I am the culmination of Five that I’ve created in hopes of finally achieving the drive and passion that I so desire. Though still feel incomplete. I also visit parallel worlds and dimensions just to expore and eat their foods.

Extent of Strength

Despite being a high tier Reality Bender I refuse to use the power outside the absolute necessary. There are rules that even we must follow. Creation and Destruction of objects of insignificant value by equivalent exchanges of mass is a prime example.


I carry nothing with me but a single gold wedding ring that was given to me by my husband. I cherish it greatly

My Secrets Are...

I really don’t care about using my power for my own gain. I just like being lazy and eating tasty foods

I Believe...

Food should delicious