Luciel Verdent

My Story Is...

I was born of royal lineage and decided to leave my home of comfort ease to travel the world with my teacher, Novak. I wanted to see the wider world that I wouldn’t see as the son of royalty and learn all the interesting things I could. I believe that leaving home was the best decision I made as the experience by far has been humbling and life changing. I can’t wait experience everything!

My Appearance

I’m a young man with the same grayed hair of my family and blue eyes I’ve inherited from my mother. I have a tendency to wear simple traveling clothes but nothing too unappealing.


I carry no weapons as I am more of a pacifist. I have no magical prowess but have learned some simple spells and have gained a catalyst in the form of a pair of gloves with quartz crystal in the finger tips and back of the hands.

My Secrets Are...

I’m a rather big foodie

I Believe...

Food should delicious