• @unnamed4 Having been out shopping in the nearby town with Rosiaro. Leilah seen too many awesome things for little girls that she couldn’t pass up for her little niece Deszy as she had always called her. Even though Rosie told her she would spoil her with all those things Leilah just smirked her evil little smirk replying with, “I’m Aunty I gets…[Read more]

  • Lucien Shadowfang BIO
    Height – 6’7
    Family – Twin Sister: Anzhelika Leilah…Ivory baby sisters/ Tatia…Mother/ Father: Zeus
    Stauts – Single
    Sexuality – Pansexual
    Story is a WIP

  • @fg Leilah leaned in when Rosie flipped her off flicking her tongue over her finger laughing. Leilah turned the music up spinning out bouncing when the jeep hit certain spots on the trail. Singing along with the music. “Rock and roll bebe the mall it is! When can get so much stuff OMG!” she snickered giving her sister a wink. Driving into town…[Read more]

  • @stellan Tilting her head hearing the beating of wings curious to what sorta wings they were able to see perfectly at night Leilah turned around walking through the woods back towards the sound. She thought to herself why did she run with a shrug of her shoulders. Pushing a limb away from her face she dipped around it. Coming to the small stream…[Read more]

  • Tatia Shadowfang BIO
    Status – Single

    Don’t Test The Bitch You Created For It Won’t End Well For You
    Full Name: Tatia Shadowfang FC:Marie Avgeropoulos
    Children: Leilah Shadowfang &

  • @fg Leilah laughed at her sister’s comments racing down the stairs laughing all the way. Leilah seemed to always smile and so full of life now then she had ever been. She loved her life and those in it now. She waited for Rosie to climb into the jeep. Already sitting in the driver’s seat. “Oh look who’s a sexy rotten egg!” she snickered poking her…[Read more]

  • @fg She laughed hearing the banging on the door. She purred kissing Tristan lips with a smile she hopped up opening the door letting Rosie see she was fully dressed pulling her leather jacket on. Smacking Rosie on the ass. “Come on slow poke!” laughing as she raced down the stairs yelling. “Last one to the jeep is a rotten egg!!!!!”

  • @fg Leilah had already gotten dressed with her little skinny jeans with one of Tristan’s t-shirts. With a pair of black boots laying across her bed snuggled in his chest hearing her sister Rosiaro tell out. Leilah smirked up at Tristan with as wink whispering. “Watch this?” trying to hide her laughter she yelled out. “Going out? I don’t remember…[Read more]

  • @stellan Looking around not wanting to be here when cops suddenly showed up with a bit of her abilities she made the sight look like an accident. Bending down pressing her finger tip into the ashes one at a time. Watching the skeleton of each of her victims reappear with a mere thought they would appear within the car that was burning. Standing up…[Read more]

  • @stellan The night air feeling her lungs racing through the forest with a smile upon her lips. Cutting corners jumping over fallen tree trunks. Leilah was full of life enjoying herself since her older sister erased her past memories that were nearly making Leilah mourn herself to death. Now she was finally free having killed her father Lucifer she…[Read more]

  • @thinkingoutloud Leilah stood there watching Klaus walking towards her curious as to why he was way out here. Then again looks like he had been hunting. The closer that he got the stronger the smell of blood filled her senses. She was still adjusting to memory loss because of her pass her sister removed them so she wouldn’t morn herself to death.…[Read more]

  • Pain & Love (Chapter 1)

    Leilah laid upon the floor of her family’s marble ivory floor at the bottom of the stairs. Whilst the crimson pool stained the floor by her head memories flashed within her minds eye.