• Lucien and Leilah Shadowfang posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    @unnamed4 Having been out shopping in the nearby town with Rosiaro. Leilah seen too many awesome things for little girls that she couldn’t pass up for her little niece Deszy as she had always called her. Even though Rosie told her she would spoil her with all those things Leilah just smirked her evil little smirk replying with, “I’m Aunty I gets to dew diz!” it was from bags of the newest toys to bags of the most newest fashion to everything little desy would love or Leilah at least hopes she would.
    Once back home to the pack house parking the jeep Leilah came through the front door with arms full of bags for Dezy calling out her name, “Dezzzzy!”

    ( hope it’s okay I suck at starters)

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