• Lucien and Leilah Shadowfang posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    @stellan Tilting her head hearing the beating of wings curious to what sorta wings they were able to see perfectly at night Leilah turned around walking through the woods back towards the sound. She thought to herself why did she run with a shrug of her shoulders. Pushing a limb away from her face she dipped around it. Coming to the small stream bare feet pressing into the water making her steps silent staying alert.

    Coming around the bend she no longer heard the sound of beating wings only silence. Then his voice startled her causing her to jump. Gathering herself she whispered back her voice playing against the winds like a lullaby the voice of a siren erotic and luring. “Hello?”

    Stepping into the shadows using them to see and listen. Once those emerald pools focused on Stellan she stepped out of the shadows revealing herself to him the winds lightly playing within those long inked curls that danced about the curve of her hips. An exquisite beauty with olive skin, thick lashes fluttering upwards revealing the depths of those emerald eyes that seemed to sparkle within the moonlight cascading through the trees.

    Slowly lifting her hand fingers making a waving gesture to ensure him that she meant no harm towards him. Allowing her voice to rise once more to acknowledge his prescence. “Hello I’m Leilah.”

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