• Lucien and Leilah Shadowfang posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    @stellan Looking around not wanting to be here when cops suddenly showed up with a bit of her abilities she made the sight look like an accident. Bending down pressing her finger tip into the ashes one at a time. Watching the skeleton of each of her victims reappear with a mere thought they would appear within the car that was burning. Standing up slowly brushing her hands off.

    Seeing it was clear Leilah turned around darting off unknowningly towards Stellan. Coming just over the hill stopping dead in her tracks. Doe eyes glaning at him sucking in a breath. She looked no older than 18 herself yet she was so much older than that. Glancing between Stellan and the forest. She bit her lip nervously she knew he wasn’t human yet she didn’t really know what he was. Having been hunted by those that had adored her father before she killed him. With the very powers that her father had projected within her as well with his abilities. She was merely a walking Lucifer. Her very blood like her mother’s which created immortality her mother’s. Yet her own blood was nearly as precious which had her become prey within the supernatural world. Leilah trusted very few watching him walking towards her. Instincts kicking in Leilah turned towards the woods racing through the forest unsure of what sort of being she had just crossed paths with.

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