• Lucien and Leilah Shadowfang posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    @stellan The night air feeling her lungs racing through the forest with a smile upon her lips. Cutting corners jumping over fallen tree trunks. Leilah was full of life enjoying herself since her older sister erased her past memories that were nearly making Leilah mourn herself to death. Now she was finally free having killed her father Lucifer she was now Queen of hell. She had never felt more free in her entire life.

    Coming to the edge of the forest peeking out the tree line to see if it was clear. Not seeing anyone Leilah slowly stepped out of the forest for what seemed eons since she had left the forest. The wind grazing through long unending curls dark as night. Crystalline pools of blue glanced around not seeing anyone yet picking up a scent. A bit wary she turned bare feet padding silently down along the side of the road with just a white tank top with a pair of cut off jeans. Simple clothing was always best it made it easier between shifting.

    Leilah was on a new adventure she needed to feed. Seeing some head lights she went to the middle of the road and laid there as if she was hurt. Of course the car slammed brakes jumping out the car the couple raced towards Leilah to check on her. Only to meet her wrath. Gripping the woman’s neck fangs breaking the flesh draining the female watching her body turn to ash once Leilah was done.

    Pulling the man close those fangs breaking his flesh with a popping sound as the layer of flesh was broken draining him to mere ashes like before with the female. With a small gesture with her hand the car moved forward slamming into the tree catching on fire. Turning to walk away was the very moment her eyes caught a glimpse of Stellan.

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