Lucky Kennedy

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Who Am I...

She was hell on wheels and even more dangerous on the ground. Curves that made a man shudder with want and a smile that invited him right on in. At least that's what the it says on the men's room wall…

Romantic Interests

Bad boys of course! They have all the best toys!

Relationship Status

Chase you? Darling I don't even chase my whiskey.

My Story Is...

If any woman should come with a warning label it would have been Lucky. Born under a dark moon she was every thing her name said she would be and worse. Her mother taught her only a few basic things. Keep your  money hid, don’t drink beer after whiskey and men are like mascara they always run.  Growing up fast and wild she was on her own by the tender age of fourteen and from there learned the hard way why there was such a thing as the wrong side of the proverbial track. By the time she saw eighteen she already had six kills to her name. By the time she hit twenty one, well jackpot she had twice that many.  A bounty hunter by trade, she stalked the seedy bars and hide outs, blending well with those she called her own. As the song had noted she had friends in low places, but sometimes low places were the best place to find them.


My Appearance


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My Secrets Are...

I Believe...

in money up front. And if it's a choice between bringing you in dead or alive. I'll take the first, lest chitchat that way.

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