Lucy Westenra

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Who Am I...

I am a very Dark Vampire, the fourth bride of Count Dracula

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My Story Is...

Lucy Westenra was a 19 year old aristocratic female whose beauty was phenomenal, she was praised by all around her for being a sweat, cute and beautiful girl, she had three suitors, Arthur Holmwood, the wealthy son of Lord Godalming; Quincy Morris, an American Cowboy; and Dr. John Seward, a primitive psychiatrist, who were desperately in love with her and were ready to do anything to gain her favor.
She also had an Elderly sick mother and a school mistress as her best friend in her life whose name was Mina Murry. Mina was a like a close sister to Lucy and she loved sharing her secrets with her.
During the period Mina’s fiancé was sent away for a mission Lucy invited Mina to stay with her, it was then that Mina noticed odd changes in her friend-sister, for Lucy had begun suffering from blood loss and sleepwalking, this of course caused the interference of Dr.Seward and Professor Abraham Van Helsing who knew what was happening to Lucy, however despite all hard efforts and perseverance Lucy eventually mysteriously passed away. 

Later after being convinced by Van Helsing the group returns to Lucy’s tomb and found the horrible truth of her death, she has become a vampire, a spawn of Dracula the king of Vampires, Van Helsing and others supposedly was able to destroy the undead creature by driving a wooden stake through her heart and cutting her head off, however Lucy being from Dracula’s blood line is no ordinary Vampire. she managed to resurrect herself and stalk the night once more, now she is totally adopted to her undead condition and by passing time she gets older thus her powers grows, and if she continues like this she will become an indestructible vampire, the only way to keep her at bay is to use religious items along powerful faith and a wooden stake through her heart, after that her undead body must be concealed within a holy chamber to prevent her from being resurrected by her extraordinarily powers.     

I Believe...

In Darkness