Lukas Clancy

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Full Name: Lukas Tristain Clancy
D.O.B: 02/09/1989
Codename: The Architect
Actual Location: [CLASSIFIED]
Nationality: Irish
Gender: Male
Height:6’8” (80 in/203.2 cm)
Weight: 285 lbs (129.27 kg)

Declared Background Information:
There’s a lot I won’t say here. Frankly because it’s sensitive and would put me in a bad light, y’know? I was born in Bangor, Ireland. Yeah, not all that glamorous, I know. I spent most of my life there, until my parents moved and dragged me along with them. We ended up in Dublin, then, luckily for me. Shit, how old was I? I wanna say I was about eighteen. Yeah. Just after my birthday is when we moved. Da thought gettin’ us out of a smaller town would be good for me. Maybe I’d stop gettin’ into so many fights. He was wrong, but what’s it matter, eh?

Matter of fact, being in a larger town, people think it’s all right to pick on ya. So, you’ve got to show ‘em you’re not a pansy. And that’s what I did. It wasn’t long before the law got involved, and I was given a choice. Prison or join the military where I could put that fighting of mine to good use. They never told me I was gonna be a lab-rat.

I’ve been with em for over a decade. And it’s been weird. I’m stronger, faster, smarter than the others in my unit. And the looks they give me sometimes piss me off. Yeah? So I’m a lab rat. At least I know what I’m doing. Maybe that’s why they sent me to another planet. Alone. Here’s hoping I don’t get killed while I’m here, huh?
Family: Parents: Leo and Lyla Clancy
Appearance: Despite his height and weight, he’s well taken care of. No scars to show, even though he’s been shot multiple times, had broken bones, and even had his lower jaw shattered in a fight. Lukas is tall and looks as if he’s been carved from stone, hard muscle and a perfect complexion to match. His dark hair is always kept relatively short, but he does allow himself to grow just the smallest bit of stubble from time to time. He’s got a sun-kissed look, and piercing blue eyes that seem to observe everything and anything at all times.

Psychological Description: While Clancy is a serious individual with severe anger issues, he is the perfect soldier. When it comes to his job, he is extremely focused, leaving all personal feelings behind no matter who he is working with. It has been noted that he has a soft spot for civilians, always taking the time to learn their histories and making split-second decisions that usually end with him sparing any civilian lives. This does not diminish his ability to work, though, and he is extremely focused on the mission at hand. Clancy has never had a serious relationship, though he does seem to have a bit of a soft spot for dark haired women with just as much snark and sarcasm as he’s known for. And while he prefers spicy food, he almost hates sweets unless it’s coffee. He’s a borderline alcoholic and has a nicotine fixation. Though, that’s probably based solely on the things he’s been forced to do..
S.O: Strong, dark haired women with a knack for getting themselves in trouble, though he’s never had a serious relationship in his life.

Former Agencies: N/A
Actual Agency: Irish Defense Forces
Rank: Captaen (Captain)
MOS: Cavalry Scout– The cavalry scout is responsible for being the eyes and ears of the commander during battle. They engage the enemy in the field, track and report their activity and direct the employment of weapon systems to their locations.

Weapons of choice: Steyr AUG (Standard service rifle), Heckler & Koch USP (standard issue pistol, semi-auto), M2 Browning .5 HMG [Heavy Machine Gun]
Uniform of choice: Currently, his “uniform” consists of a black T-shirt (tight and form fitting, of course), his uniform pants, combat boots, belt, and holster for his service pistol.
Extra Weaponry: To be fair, his best weapon is his fists. He’s been a brawler since he was a teenager, and his usual black leather gloves are lined with steel just for an extra “oomph” when he hits someone.

Who Am I...

Irish Super Soldier, and just a man with some serious anger issues. Yeah, I know

Romantic Interests

Dark-haired beauties with a knack for getting into trouble

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Rhys!!! [Gui Fedrizzi] Exactly how I imagine him!

Gui Fedrizzi HEIGHT 188 / 6â?²2â?³ SUIT 50 / 40 CHEST - - - WAIST 84 / 33 COLLAR - - - SHOES 43 / 9.5-10 HAIR dunkelbraun / dark brown EYES blau / blue


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My Secrets Are...

Don’t let his harsh nature and sarcasm fool you. When he does finally open up to someone, he’s kind hearted and open with them.

While he has a ton of things that make him “better” than an average human, he is still prone to the occasional sickness that happens when coming into contact with magic.

He might be a super soldier, but he is still able to be killed just like any other human.