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~^~ L U M I N A   S M O L D R O S ~^~

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~ Healer ~ Warrior ~ Egoist ~ Singer ~
Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, they’re better. Lumina was born a human on Hellifyno, a human with a unique blood curse that was well coveted in the area in which she was born. Her town’s people called her family witches but the truth was that they were dryads, nymphs of the highest order.


Her blood, magicked by the world around her, could heal almost any wound over night, could reattach limbs that had been lost, could save the life of a mother in septic shock during birth, could save children who had been born without certain body parts and organs.


They called her the Soother, though her ability was more closely linked to the fires of the phoenix than anything else for it was in the roosting tree of her family’s home that a phoenix lay and it was the phoenix tears that had cursed her blood.

~~A P P E A R A N C E~~
Image result for Guilty Crown InoriLumina stands at a short 5’5″. She has bright pink hair that is usually worn beneath her shoulders or tied up and a rather Asian appearance with pale porcelain skin and a rather slim facade. She has what is most commonly referred to as a pear body with a thinner chest and torso, broader birthing hips and thick thighs that lead into slimmer legs.


Her eyes are of a rich brown color, the color of coca cola when it’s been in the sun all day and her arms are a little longer than what one would typically expect. She is height and weight proportionate with an adequate bust. She has no scars or any birthing marks to speak of.


She most commonly wears revealing clothing that leaves her bust up for examination all the way down to her torso where her belly button is revealed and a portion of her inner thighs as well. Usually, this clothing is of red coloring but she’s also been known to wear brighter colors on occasion. When in the field or a medical situation, she changes into something a little more suitable for her role that resembles a high school uniform but is actually the ROOST standards.


~~ J O B and K N O W L E D G E ~~

Owner and Founder of ROOST – Hellifyno’s newest Medical Elite


Lumina trained for several years as a nurse under HERD, a medical research order built upon Hellifyno to help heal those who were less fortunate on the planet. During her time as a nurse, she learned basic first aid and medical knowledge one can only earn on the battlefield. In private, she took classes that led to her organizing her own team that later became known as ROOST due to her original birth place and the fact that her blood was like the tears of a phoenix.


She has extensive battle and combat knowledge that is not limited to first hand, hand-to-hand combat and long range sniping ability. Her primary weapon is a plasma and particle cannon that shoots a highly concentrated energy photon beam at her targets, though she is a healer above all else and hates to hurt others but will if the situation calls for it. ROOST is a project of passion and is located in space primarily where the base cannot be destroyed if the planet is to suffer some kind of severe melt down or cataclysmic event.


There are several ROOST compounds located throughout Hellifyno but the most popular and well used compounds are located in Consequence and Persistence where others can use them on an average basis. Their gear is state of the art and several dozen elite healing task force members are sent along after most events that involve fighting to help heal members of Hellifyno.


T H E   C U R S E


The curse that Lumina suffers is one of the blood, enforced by the soul of a phoenix that has been absorbed into her blood. She is essentially immortal and a race of nymphs that has long since stood guard over her roosting tree since the phoenix first took roost there centuries before. Her blood is a healing agent, quite like the tears of a phoenix, and works the moment it is absorbed into a patient. It is not used very often unless a patient consents. When used too much, it can cause anemia and eventually, Lumina can slip into a coma.


When used more than a hundred times within the course of two or three weeks, it has the proclivity of backfiring on her and instead of healing, can cause immense damage instead. This damage is known as the culling and is a part of her family’s history with the phoenix itself. When the culling begins, the user is forced into a shell of hardened blood known as phoenix down that layers over their body like a second growth at their skin. If not chipped away on a daily basis, the phoenix down hardens and becomes like wood against their body and eventually they are absorbed into it and used to nourish an area with their life force till the end of time.


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