Lunala Prizm


L U N A L A      P R I Z M


A Petite Magic Wielding Tinkerer, With An Appetite for Adventure

(The Cutest Lil’ Wolfgirl You Ever Did See~)


Aged Twenty Years | Five Foot Three Short | Thin, Petite, Small-Chested


PERSONALITY: Lunala is a fairly quiet, reclusive individual. She opens up only when really engaged and truly invested in a conversation (usually around mechanics and her art of tinkering). She’s always fairly calm and monotone, holding little to no emotion in her face to show people. Despite her adorable, childish appearance – Lunala is very much a full grown adult and hates being treated as a child, often responding to someone calling her ‘cute’ with a rainbow of colorful profanity. Lunala, or Luna, is a pretty well-spoken fairly sophisticated woman, despite her colorfully offensive vocabulary.

More Info Coming Soon!!