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Elemental control: He has control over most elements

Adaptation: His cells will adapt to any new world or situation

Strength/Speed: His strength and speed are off the chart this is what causes him to restrain most of his strength and speed even though this makes a medium difference at best

Intelligence: Despite how he behaves he thinks at a pace beyond mortals

Durability: He is unbelievably durable but he is not invincible because if he takes to much damage he will not die but be teleported back to his plane of existence to heal

Healing factor: While away from his plane of existence he does not heal instead his mind will take cause him to not feel any pain

Who Am I...

Aspect of chaos

Romantic Interests

Guys and Women

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My Story Is...

There is no need for me to tell you my origin story. All you need to know is that I enjoy causing chaos wherever I go. Why well because it’s funny and I am perfect at it why would I do it if it was not funny. If I come across a planet that has a leader that controls everything I will kill that leader just to watch the world unravel. I don’t care about money all becoming the strongest those are useless ideals to me. Why should I waste years trying to achieve those goals when I could be spending my time enjoying sweet lovely chaos. Besides, I am already strong enough to do what I want and there is nothing that can stop me. Well, that should be enough information about me for everyone to know for now.

My Appearance

Height: Five foot five

Weight: One hundred pounds

Eye color: Light Purple

Hair color: black

Hair length: Short

Hair length: he keeps his bangs short while the hair on the left side of his hair is shorter than the right it curves at the middle of his cheek while the hair on the right side of his head curves right above his top lip

Skin color: Pale

Notable markings: He has three pink diamonds markings right next to each other above his right eyebrow

Physical appearance: His physical appearance resembles more of a young female adult while his voice is slightly high he also ripped when it comes to his body

Clothing: He wears cut off tight white shirt black fabric pants white combat shoes and one purple fingerless glove on his right hand


Two short twin katanas

My Secrets Are...

You think I would tell you if I did have any

I Believe...

Order is a false ideal that the weak adopt