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Where to start? Drugs, Corruption, Money, Power. Lets start with the latter. The city’s ‘Police Organiser’, as he likes to call himself, treats the city as little more than his person Fief. A Fief he cared little about, more occupied with making the presence of his authority known, In every street, avenue, road, crack and crevice. And it seemed to be working… If you’re a fucking idiot. Massive Police presence at every major building isn’t the best symbol of stability. Black smoke always seemed to be rising from every other block. The fires licked the skies, the glass of shattered windows lined the streets, and empty bullet casings pathed the roads. It was all an unwinnable game of cat and mouse. For every Looter killed, another store was pillaged. For every Drug bust. Another deal was made. As Profitable as those two things were, and as popular as they were, something far worse had rooted itself amongst the city. Biological Augmentation, Not the typical kind. The type that might have occurred in Nightmares. It raked in the cash for a little while… Before it was- oh so tragically- shut down. You see- There was this little hot shot roaming the south-end of the city, Taking a more…Silent approach than the average looter, Busting a few deals just to pass on the product herself, But her hit on the Augmentation Facility was the biggest Get some experimental combat augmentations, as well as a bit of the basic shit- Then fuck shit up when she woke up again. How elegant I was back then, right?


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Epocholypse Sketch #2 Week 12, Joshua Calloway on ArtStation at…