Samantha lycan/ spring Bonnie

Intro Video


” please don’t hide..”

Who Am I...

Spirit of a murdered female lycanroc in a spare spring lock suit

Romantic Interests

I'm not telling…

My Story Is...

A old springlock animatronic bunny with a soul of a murder victim forever trapped in it she is a lost soul of a cold blooded serial killer.

In life this girl’s name was Samantha and she had a loving and caring personality and got along with everyone she met.. until she went to Fredbear’s family diner and was dragged into a back room and raped to death and stuffed in a spare animatronic suit that was left to rot..

My Appearance

In life she was a red and white furred female lycanroc with red eyes.

Before death

Pin Up Lycanroc

In death she became a yellow furred springlock animatronic bunny.


She just has a old bunny plush that reminds her of her stolen innocence.

My Secrets Are...

She’s doesn’t talk about her secrets since she’s too emotional to tell anyone.