Grover Williams


I’m tired.

Who Am I...

I'm one of those…idk weird assassin thingys, not one with a dark history. I'm sarcastic and mostly rude but don't take me seriously… I like to kill people for fun…Also I have a mental disorder called ADHD just saying.

Romantic Interests

uhhh…I'm pretty Gay tbh

Relationship Status

Single as a pringle

My Story Is...

I come from America, Minnesota to be exact. I was born with ADHD and I was gifted with the power to make people hallucinate.

due to not being around people often I have no social skills.

My parents hate me and I live, well almost no where. I travel a lot but sometimes I stay in a house that I bought 2..ish years ago.

I like to make potions in my free time

My Appearance

Black Messy Hair, Green eyes and I like to wear Hoodies :T

also I love my knee high boots


I carry two daggers and a messenger bag of my water bottle and potions of all sorts

My Secrets Are...

I made a guy kill himself in 4th grade

and I almost killed my parents…ALMOST (i set the house on fire)

I Believe...

God nor jesus ever existed…fight me