Madrigal Seldonious


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My Story Is...

A bastard daughter.

That’s what Madrigal Seldonious is. An unwanted daughter abandoned by a powerful immortal.


Five. She had only been five years old when the immortal left her in a dark forest, leaving her with only the threadbare clothing on her back.


Of course she had been terrified, her horns had just recently begun to grow, as were the faint beginnings of her powers. She was nearly defenseless in a forest known for monsters of all manner, from huge hellish beasts, to small tricksters. Madrigal only had weak bursts of energy from her undeveloped powers to protect herself with.


It didn’t help that she was easy to spot at night. Her body was marked with swirls of silver that emitted a faint glow, bright enough to be seen by any predators in the area.

The young Madrigal had been trying to hide, using a shallow recess in a pair of boulders as her shelter, her small body shaking in fear. This fear was also causing her long silver hair to emit a glow. Hiding was rendered useless.


A snarl from the bushes, the snapping of twigs. Madrigal was nearly prey for a hellish beast.

But there was a grunt and a clash of steel meeting claws, the beast was slain.


Now what is a small child such as yourself doing so deep in this forest?” The man spoke warmly as he kneeled before the cowering child, his dark hair streaked with age. Madrigal was barely able to answer, only whimpering a weak answer. “F-father…h-h-he didn’t want me.


So the older man took Madrigal in his arms, carrying the glowing girl to his cabin near the edge of the forest.



The rest of her childhood was a blur to her. She remembers Delios training her, helping her control her powers and channel them better. His help also allowed her to control the glowing of her silver markings. He also didn’t allow her to only use her powers, he taught her the basics of one-handed swords and bows.



Madrigal was nineteen at the time of Delios’s disappearance. He had been given a task to hunt and slay another hellish beast. Usually he allowed Madrigal to accompany him, but not this time. Instead he had told her to continue hunting and gathering supplies for the coming winter. She was not happy with his decision, but she complied, seeing the logic in stocking up while he left.


Winter came and left without a trace of Delios anywhere.


Madrigal was alone again.



Madrigal left the cabin shortly after the winter, Delios was gone, her savior was gone. She felt no need to remain rooted in one place now. So she traveled, made bad decisions, grew stronger. She spent three years on her own.


The night of her twenty second birthday was spent solemnly at a tavern, a beautiful red wine sitting in a glass untouched in front of her, her hood pulled up over her head to hide her horns as she stared into the depth of her glass. She was barely aware of the fight brewing behind her, two men using different powers against each other.

It wasn’t until she was hit by a blast of energy that she had looked up, seeing herself in a different tavern all together. Strange creatures she had never seen before, people entering and exiting without using the door.

Now where the hell am I?



She was in Hellifyno now.






My Appearance

Image result for girl with horns digital artSpecies: Unknown

Age: 22


Height: 5’10


Skin tone: Gray-blue


Her skin is marked with many silver blemishes, the oddest being swirls and whorls that emit a faint glow at night though she CAN control it.

Hair: Silver, Glows when stressed, angry, or when she starts to use her powers.


Madrigal has black spiraling horns.




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Clothing: Madrigal is commonly seen in a long sweeping dress with long loose sleeves. The front of this dress has numerous cut outs around her bust, abdomend, and hips to accentuate her figure and allow glimpses at strange silver swirls and whorls marking her skin. The dress also has a hood, which Madrigal uses any time she must hide her horns.

Her shoes are simple black flats with a ribbon tied around her ankles


Makeup: Madrigal rarely has a full face of cosmetics, opting to only have a dark lipstick.



Shadow Form –  Madrigal can weave shadows around herself, appearing like a solid silhouette but any object or hit will pass through her. This form also allows her to travel through shadows.


Shadow Control – Madrigal can control the physical properties of shadows, giving them mass and a form she can control. She can also shape them to whatever she might need at the moment, this includes tools or weapons.


Shadow Creatures – Though not used often, Madrigal can control the shadows around her to take on the form of featureless black animals, these can be used to search places, as weapons, or even as a means to travel.