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[I am leaving the site, but keeping my profile up on site for references for those who might need it. I do not know if I’ll be back. Paracosm’s location has been deleted, and it’s point on the map is now invalid. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful writing and great memories. If you need me, you’ll find me somehow. Good luck and goodbye.]



Current Story:

Magicia rules as the Queen of Paracosm, an island she created herself through her dreamwalking powers, fueled by the hopes and dreams of her people. Instead of feeding on entire life essences one by one at a constant rate, she feeds on fragments from all citizens as needed. Due to a large supply, she’s able to take such small amounts that it’s unnoticeable and has little to no repercussions.



Paracosm is part of a Tri-Conglomerate Alliance with Ar’Elis (through Primrose) and Twine (through Kida). Madooga Co LLC thrives through both the sale of maids and the Purple Nova Casino. It also has a current partnership with ALL Corp.


She has resurrected the fallen god Helvegen, and has started a romantic relationship with him, much to the protest of her maids.


After a recent loss of control over her powers caused widespread nightmares throughout Paracosm and risked infecting all of Hellifyno, Magicia has become determined to learn how to properly grasp and handle her magic. Her adopted father Mearo Valencia has recognized her potential for growth that could properly place her among the ranks of the Valencia family. Magicia is diligently training to fulfill that potential.


Story Arc – The Song of Stars and Flame: Magicia was one of the leaders and appointed figurehead of the Allied Forces. While she helped head the war effort, she still hoped for a chance to find peace for both sides of the war and a place for the Olde Watch on Hellifyno. Eventually she would step down from the Allied Forces to help protect Paracosm, leading to her recovering Krieger’s true body, which as of now is still in her possession. She returned to help attack the ANFE transmitters on the moon base and join the final siege on the Olde Watch city. Unfortunately she would unintentionally cause the destruction of Civalo’ki after diverting a crashing void spacecraft using portals.


Acts of Note:   -Used her Gaia blessed weapon, a mallet, to fight the hordes of zombies at Ground Zero in Persistence when the planetoid carrying them crashed, and led the group of Red Sun Inn survivors to Consequence for rescue. 

Fought in the Battle of Civalo’ki to defend the Gaia tree.

Issued a broadcast to question Dorian Krieger’s motivations and warn him that she would/will find and confront him eventually.

Provided important intel to the Allied Forces about various plans of the Olde Watch, later revealed to be obtained by Fwuf, who she sent in as a spy in disguise. 

-Was listed in a broadcast by Krieger as needing to ‘face justice’, the method for such being unsaid. 

Chose to set aside her anger with Aero for his dealings with Ruby Bloodfang until after the war, focusing instead on the current issues. 

-Remained away from the botched Peace Summit due to speculation on her ‘justice’, avoiding being captured and tagged.

Appointed figurehead of the Allied Forces.

-Co-commanded the failed Planet 1 Sun Attack.

Stepped down from the Allied Forces in a temporary agreement of peace with the O.W

Discovered the true nature and location of Dorian Krieger and rescued his true body

-Participated in the destruction of the transmitters on the O.W moon base.

-Fought in the final battle against the city of O.W

Accidentally destroyed Civalo’ki in an attempt to protect Paracosm from a crashing void spacecraft. 

Who Am I...

The One Who Dances in Nightmares

Romantic Interests

A Wind God

Relationship Status

… Finally

My Story Is...

Born as Magicia Morticia Parafrosyni, she was part of a long line of a dark family who practiced black magic, known as the Plague Magicians. Her parents were the great Lord Zarrius Parafrosyni and Lady Gioterra Parafrosyni.

Upon birth, it was noticed that she was different than her siblings. She grew up with no interest in the dark arts, being taught them none the less. Compared to her family, she was dearly innocent. In fact, she was supposedly a “curse” from the gods, being an Embodiment of Innocence itself.

Her parents, ashamed as they were, pushed her to try to turn her around. Their efforts showed no reward. She was eventually given up on and cast aside, paid little heed.

An enemy of the family one day captured a preteen Magicia to bring revenge upon the Plague Magicians, not knowing that she wasn’t precious to them anymore. She was tortured continuously to the brink where she… snapped.

Suddenly, all darkness that had been taught to her lashed out at once, destroying her tormentor and all around her. These powers were unlike anything ever felt by any Plague Magician before.

However, this explosion of power destroyed Magicia. Her innocence was replaced by slight insanity, and she became nearly a walking corpse, life being supported by her magic alone.

To this day, she has spent her time using her powers not to destroy or conquer, but to instead try to find sources of survival. Her own strength became her crippling burden.

Her survival depends on stealing other life sources to use as her own. She has mastered this by entering the minds of people through their dreams and torturing them mentally. She then steals the life source and flees, making the result of her tampering a soul with a body, but no life. It cannot pass on, because the life is still being used, but the body is rotting away. It has to spend the rest of its time simply rotting and fading, damned.
She has two states of being. Her lesser state, known as ‘Dreamwalker’, makes her frail in body and mind. Her body is in a constant state of decay and tends to miss flesh in places, while she becomes a bit incoherent and starts referring to herself in a royal ‘we’.
Her stronger state (most current), known as ‘Nightmare Dancer’, her body is much more maintained and her mind is clearer, allowing for stronger and more controlled powers.
In her current situation as the Queen of Paracosm, she has the resources available to remain in a constant Nightmare Dancer state. It is believed that if she can surpass her physical limits, she can become even more powerful.

Adopted by Mearo Valencia, Magicia has started to take on that family name and use it as her own.

My Appearance

Age/Date of Birth: 10/31/???? (Has the appearance of a young woman but is over 300 years old)

Sex: Female

Race/Ethnicity: Supposedly Caucasian, and humanoid apart from being magical.
Skin Tone: very very pale and white. In ‘Dreamwalker’, she also has swirling gray curse marks all over her body. Flesh tends to go missing, as well.
Height: 4 foot 7 inches. She is very short, but that doesn’t limit her.
Weight: 87 pounds. She is extremely light for her age and size, like a corpse or underfed creature, which adds to her death like appearance, ironically.
Build: Frail like a skeleton covered in flesh, very small bust
Eyes: Toxic purple
Hair: Her hair is long, to her knees. It is usually silky and soft, and the color is jet black. The length correlates with her power. Greater fluctuations of power mean longer hair, while when in ‘Dreamwalker’ state, it’s usually only to her back small.
Clothes Style:  Regular – Long flowing royal robes that either black or black w/ purple accents. Barefoot. Silver circlet crown with a purple crystal embedded within.    Battle Leathers  – Sleek purple and black top and pants with leather boots, along with leather straps and belts to hold her daggers and mallet. Hair tied up to be out of the way. No crown.   Dreamwalker – Long dark robes with a large hood that covers her entire face with shadow, meant to hide her degrading face and curse marks. Barefoot.
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Naturally dark lips.  In ‘Dreamwalker’, dark patterns swirl all over her body, blending with scars and wherever chunks of flesh have been removed roughly.


-Fwufikins, her faithful and strange maid, and its horrifying hive mind
-Jingleheimer, the Cupcake Tentacle Monster. Her pet.
-Mo the Fennec Fox. Gray in color. Mind linked to Magicia. Her pet.
-A strange skull charm, gifted by Croc (in storage)
-Two ornate silver daggers
-Large mallet, blessed by Gaia

-Double ended chain sickle from a realm beyond Space and Time

My Secrets Are...

The lingering innocence of a child,  left to haunt the dreams of others….

I Believe...

I'm not necessarily bad. I just don't always do good things.



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