Magnus Burnsides


(This is a Pre-Suffering Game Arc Magnus, fyi! Information and things that happen from those arcs and beyond aren’t known to him!)

Who Am I...

A protector for everyone.

Romantic Interests

"No thank you."

Relationship Status

Previously Married, Now Single.

My Story Is...

Magnus Burnsides, for as long as he’s lived, has stood in front of danger for other people.

First, it was a stray pup in an alleyway, victim to the casted stones of stray kids in town. Magnus, then 5, shielded the injured dog from any more rocks until it had time to flee. This solidifies his deep desire to protect others.

Five years before his adventure with Merle and Taako began, Magnus lead a revolt against Mad Governor Kalen. When the city of Raven’s Roost had been founded, people stood behind Kalen, but Kalen saw his power as endless and became corrupt. In retaliation, Magnus gathered people together and defeated Kalen and his soldiers in battle. Unfortunately, Kalen managed to escape, and was subsequently forgotten about in the months to pass.


After the rebellion, Magnus worked in Hammer and Tongs, the pride of the Craftsman Corridor in Raven’s Roost. His mentor and blacksmith/general craftsman, Steven Waxmen, had taken Magnus in after a promising apprenticeship.

One ho-hum afternoon, as Magnus worked on carving an owl for a client, in walked Steven’s daughter Julia. To Magnus, she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Strong, handy with tools and quick-witted, he fell head over heels for her. Being the daughter of his teacher made things a little awkward when they began dating, but the bond between them was so strong not even Steven could deny it.

Months passed, Magnus worked on a black oak rocking chair with a lavender polish imbued into it. He planned to submit it to the Continental Craftsmen Showcase that took place in Neverwinter, a ten days drive from Raven’s Roost.

Julia, now Magnus’s new bride, entered the shop, talked as they usually did, and brought Magnus out to the cart that she had prepared for him. Magnus left with his rocking chair for the showcase, after shaking Steven’s hand and kissing Julia.


“I love you, Jules.” He said before he boarded the carriage.

Those were the last words ever exchanged to his wife.


Two days into his travel to Neverwinter, Kalen returned to Raven’s Roost, with a “If I can’t have this city, no one can” mentality, and bombed the support column for the Craftsmen Corridor.

76 people were killed, including Julia and Steven. The Hammer and Tongs was destroyed and in the time is took Magnus to return to Raven’s Roost, the town had evacuated, due to fear of a repeat attack.

As a result of his past he has no fear of death and looks forward to meeting Julia again in the afterlife.

Flash forward to now, as Magnus has joined with an elf wizard named Taako and a dwarven cleric named Merle Highchurch, to set the wrongs of their realm right by way of a secret organization known as the [REDACTED], where they are given the mantle of ‘Reclaimers’ to find and destroy the [REDACTED] which has caused their world so much pain and suffering.

But, something’s gone wrong along the way, and now Magnus is stuck here in Hellifyno. He’s desperate to get back home and see his friends again, not to mention finishing his all important mission.

Magnus is a “man of action” who believes that “thinking is for other people.” He’s very much punch something first and ask questions later. Still, he’s very amiable and easy to get along with, always ready with a caring hand and a warm smile.

He’s brave and bold, not afraid to stand up to people in positions of power. He’s rather unaware of when he should stop, though.

Overall, Magnus is a goodhearted and compassionate person, he believes everyone is worth protecting.

My Appearance

Magnus is a Fighter, his build shows it. He’s 6’7″ and can weigh anywhere from 200- 220 pounds, with or without armor. He’s muscular and well trained in fighting from his revolutionary past as well as training from the [REDACTED] upon being initiated into their ranks.

He has a pair of magnificent auburn sideburns that match his hair, as well as a scar over one eye that he doesn’t remember getting. Steven is always at his belt and he often carries a small shoulder bag made of leather to store items he finds useful.


-Adventurer’s Kit

-[REDACTED] Bracer (on right arm)

-Railsplitter, a two handed axe that can fell any tree in one swing.

-Phantom Fist, can knock back enemies during unarmed attacks.

-Fletcher’s Mitt, a green clothed glove that can catch arrows out of the air.

-Lens of Straight Creepin, a monocle that can track enemy paths

-Steven the Goldfish, his pet and Very Best Friend

-A bear mask

-Defender’s Dial, attached to his belt and can protect him from fire, ice or lightning attacks when the dial is switched.

-Shield of Heroic Memories, a flawless silver shield that remembers past battles and adds extra defense to enemies he’s fought before.

– A music box

-Thieves Tools

-Tarantula Bracelet, a spider bracelet which gives him silent climbing.

– Spear of Volcanic Mastery, gained from the Adventures Abound 2017 Event. It’s a four foot long spear coated in magma and flames, and grants Magnus the power to summon lava or other volcanic properties.

My Secrets Are...

I’m not of this world.

I Believe...

That strength is protecting others.