Maiden Company Mercs


Name: Flare Ablaze

Age: 23

Race: Caucasian

Body: Pear

Measurements: 32D-24-37

Flare was born in a small tribe of savages, and was one of the daughters of the Chief. Her mother had her blessed under the God of the Sun. She was to grow into a strong and brave warrior. Forged in the fires of the sun and hardened steel, she became the tribe’s champion and prized warrior. Fate had soon caught up with the tribe, and not long after the tribe was conquered. By order of the chief, Flare was to run and survive. An outsider friend of her Mother’s gone by the name of “Lotus” had found the lost child wandering around the wastes. Flare was but a savage at the age of sixteen, and had a lot of learning and adapting to do to the new world. Flare and the outsider woman Lotus became close, and soon had shown Flare of her profession. Mercenary work. Flare and her now new mentor, started to build their own Mercenary Company. Flare learned a lot from this woman, and ended up playing a very vital role as the second in command of this new found mercenary company. The two worked hard together, finding the right candidates to employ for their line of work. Soon Maiden Company Mercs had a start. Ten successful years went by and everything was running smoothly. What held their massive Clan together was the way that Lotus had ran things. However, in a large battle, Lotus had succumb to her wounds and the next in line was Flare to take over. Once Flare was in power, the Company no longer had done things the Neutral way anymore. Flare was ruthless as a leader and an even deadlier enemy. Soon, after many cruel deeds done by her command, the Mercenary group broke up into smaller factions. Each ran by their own leader… leaving Flare with het loyal followers and a hell of a lot to think about… but her ways all changed when they found Axel. (See Axel)

Name: Tessa “Tess”

Age: 25

Race: Caucasian

Body: Hourglass

Measurements: 40C -26-36

Bio: Tessa was not always the right hand of Flare as she is today. Just a few years back she was living life in a peaceful settlement. She was an industrious worker in her community. She helped with the iron working and constructing of the walls to keep out the raiders and other company alike. She was praised for her work and love for her people. She soon took up bodybuilding as her personal hobby. She was built like a brick house and was always challenged at the bar by young and old men alike to arm wrestle her which she had bets placed on. Things were going along smoothly until the raiders began their attacks more and more frequently. She’d had to learn how to use a gun and soon found herself part of the settlement’s militia. The settlement held their own for a time, but as the attacks took their toll on the defenses and the moral… Things got ugly. Many people died and were injured, Tessa was one of them. She was shot with a well rusted railway spike beside her spine. Her spine got quite the infection and soon she was rendered immobile. Bound to a bed in the comfort of their small doctor’s office, she got a strange visitor by a leader of a Mercenary company and their Scientist. They promised her a new life and the ability to walk once more, in exchange for her loyalty. A  deal was struck and soon the surgery to replace her spine with one made of adamantium. He spine was heavy and required a lot of physical training for Tessa to get used to, and even a suit of power armor was given to her to make walking a little easier. Even after all of that the spine still gave Tessa great pain, so a cocktail of chems and meds were given to make her a rage filled juggernaut on the battlefield. She had a lot of time to study the works of Nikola Tesla and have a better understanding of her new weapons and Power armor abilities. As she worked alongside the Maidens, she began to grow fond of the way Flare ran things but also developed her own sense of what she would do differently than Flare. As she became comfortable, she began to voice these opinions to Flare and soon found herself as Flare’s personal advisor and even someone that Flare opens up to when she needs to blow off some steam. Tessa took it upon herself to ensure the loyalty of every maiden in the group and made sure they were all doing alright. Physically and psychologically. Tessa is a bit intimidating to her enemies but is always making time for her fellow maidens. Always putting others before her and supports Flare and her position as a leader.



Name: Quasar “Q”

Age: 19

race: Asian

Body: Diamond

Measurements:36C -26-42

Bio: (WIP)

Name: Axel

Age: 17

Race: Caucasian

Body: Petite

Measurements: 32C-23-24

Bio: Axel is the light weight of the group, and the most green when it comes to her comrades. She crosses boundaries and lines with all of them, but like sisters, they remember her age and her background. She’s the laser weapon specialist and the group weapon modifier. She tinkers with prewar junk and makes it into useful accessories for any type of weapon. Shes also quite slim and agile. She runs for miles, hardly needs water and loves to climb almost as much as she loves Jet. She also gives the group a bit of comedic relief.

Name: Plazmina “Plaz”

Age: 20

Race: Caucasian

Body: Top Heavy, athletic build

Measurements: 34DD-27-38

Bio: Plaz plays the role of their Vertibird Pilot and Mechanic. She uses Plasma weaponry and also helps Axel mod and convert energy weapons to fit each of the girls needs. She can fix mostly anything (With her repair skills at 100 :p) She’s also the least friendly of the group, known for her short temper and low tolerance of anyone who isn’t  in Maiden Company.


Name: Bone

Age: 26

Race: Caucasian

Body: Slim with some masculine depth

Measurements: 36C-25-35

Bio: Recruited by Maiden Company, Bone is a twitchy, chem driven, cannibal, who’s got quite the background. She used to run a group of raiders that considered themselves more of a gang and went by the name of “Brooklyn Butchers”  After a few years, The Butchers ran into Maiden company, slaughtering the petty fools and sparing the one who didn’t give up her will to kill. After some serious bloodshed between Flare and Bone. Bone had given some form of respect, and offered her assistance to the Mercs. Ultimately asking for only one thing in return. To see more bloodshed. Flare agreed to these terms, and in return Bone is the Cook and Rouge of the Maiden Company Mercs. Fashioning weapons out of her Enemies bones and adding modifications to her armor. Bone often fights with sharpened human ribs, and a Deathclaw gauntlet. Bone Also is known for consuming the flesh of her victims and recording their so called “voices” that she hears trapped in her head. She exclaims her head is a prison for the spirits of her victims and can still hear their screams of sorrow and begs for mercy.

Name: Billie Jones

Race: African American

Age: 24

Bio:  Born in Mesquite, Texas, Billie was born to play in face of danger. Growing up one of her favorite things to do was play with her Grandfather’s old chest of Dynamite he kept after working in the old quarry. Explosives fascinated the young girl and kept her interest peaked enough for her to become heavily invested in Chemistry. Quickly finding out new compounds for new explosions. Eventually she made her hobby into something more, she became a demolition expert. Quickly putting herself for hire to remove old buildings and ruins, the Maidens hired her for more anti-personnel purposes. Her chill attitude lead her to become very close friends with Plaz, and even found them starting somewhat of a small band. Billie loved the deep sounds of the bass guitar so, the rest was history. Billie, however… had missed her Grandfather’s passing as she was on a mission with the maidens. He was always supportive of her and proud of her accomplishments. Billie took it really hard when she went back home to visit his grave, but soon found herself back on the field with the others. She carries his old revolver on her hip and only shoots another human being when it is totally necessary. He raised her to only do harm on those who truly deserve it, so running with the maidens… she constantly has conflicting views. But never lets herself be lead astray from what her Grandfather had taught her.

New Maidens

Name: Candy

Age: 22

Race: Hispanic (New Reno)

Body: Slim and Curvy

Measurements: 34D-24-35 in

Bio:  Candy is the Eyes and Ears of Maiden Company. Traveling around wherever Flare permits her to go. The Maiden Co. branding on the nape of her neck is what reminds Candy to where she belongs and who she takes orders from. She’s not allowed to  take any orders from any other Maiden BUT Flare. A gift and a curse. She walks the streets in search for high valued targets and possibly any informants of other rival factions. She’s the Gossip Queen. But will only spill the beans if Flare knows already. Her loyalty is almost unmatched by the other maidens. This was proven to Flare after Candy was tortured and mislead her torturers by giving them false information. Flare was pleased and dubbed her a true maiden and now belongs with the rest of the gang. Candy is known to be able to handle herself in a fight, but knows when she’s out numbered. Her best skills are stealth and sandman kills, making her the Mole and Assassin of Maiden Company Mercs.

Name: Hazard

Age: 21

Race: Gifted (Child of Atom)

Body: Malnourished

Bio: Sister Mira (Meer-a) was the only daughter born with Atom’s gift from her family. Her mother and father both were gifted, but out of four children. Mira was the only one to receive said gift. They lived in the colony in the sewer system of Miami. Her three other siblings died form the intense levels of radiation that fills the colony. since learning Atoms teachings since birth, one day something in Mira’s head snapped and her eyes were opened to the truth. She began to oppose the leaders of the colony and found herself outcasted. She Left the colony and fled into the wastes. A few days pass and Mira began to feel totally sick and uncomfortable… Soon she found out it was the lack of high levels of radiation in the clean air. She Wouldn’t last very long, and soon found Quasar who explained the entire issue. She was built a respirator that’s filter was replaced with a lead lined container of nuclear material. Now Mira was reborn a Maiden and given the name “Hazard”.

Name: Noore “The Merch”

Age: 26

Race: Caucasian (Australian)

Body: Slim Masculine

Bio: Noore Earned the name “The Merch” for being the Maiden’s hand in the market. Selling custom weapons, new chems, and even some armors that she made herself. Noore, out of all the Maiden’s is the biggest income of caps, weapons, chems, food and ammo. Noore became the Maiden’s traveling merchant and was in charge of several chem labs that would be making new and interesting chem compounds. Soon, as the business woman she is.. she teamed up with Candy and decided to start up the biggest brothel in New York. Shangri La. There she would have her own establishment and two chem labs found deep within the building.



Special Maidens
Name: Berry
Age: 24
Bio: Berry is one of the special Maidens that works under a higher and classified group of Maidens known as the Cloud Walkers. This Elite Maiden cannot suffer any consequences from any Maiden that isn’t appart of the Cloud Walker Circle. She’s usually sent to be a relife to certain groups who need the assitance or sent as an assassin for higher political figures in the Rim World. Silencers and a friend to the night, go hand in hand. Mot information about this Maiden is unknown. Someone has went back and removed the file on this maiden, but only those of higher power can have such an access….

Name: Adali
Age: ???
Bio: Not known is much about this Special Maiden. No Maiden has ever seen her, or perhaps they just don’t recall? There is no files on this Maiden. All that is known is that she has worked close with Flare.
Name: Erin
Age: 17
Bio: This Maiden was put into the Company by her sibling. As the younger sister of Noore, Erin has found her place in the maidens with her skills on a computer and messing with electronics. Erin is a sweet girl, but her speech is a little odd. Unlike her sister, Erin has lost or atleast has no trace of her Aussie accent. The young girl speaks like a cave person at times and is even more known to not eat outside of her comfort for the Thanksgiving Flavored Military Food Ration…. Well besides a Nuka-Grape every once in a while.


Name: Dr. Frauke Engel (Left) Ginette LeBeau (Right)
Ages: 23 & 27
Bio: Frauke Engel is the youngest of Engel siblings and the most distant to her older Brother and Sister. She’d left their clinic to go and work with a charitable organization to help the efforts being made in the war torn slums. This is where she met her partner, Ginette LeBeau. A lone Mortician who needed a tetanus shot from the doc after being stabbed with a rusty nail. LeBeau was actually enthusiastic about dying from her wounds, but her supervisor wouldn’t have it. So Dr. Engel was to treat the woman, and sure enough.. after a long conversation and a lunch date, the two were inseparable. How they began work with the maidens…? Now… that’s a different story.