Maldax Nighstan

Who Am I...

I am a Force user from Luspubuth

Romantic Interests

I do not have any interests in anybody.

My Story Is...

As a poor child wandering the streets of Luspubuth, I had to fend for myself. My parents had died long ago you see. I stole what food and other things I needed. At around the age of fourteen or so I had made a daring act. I snuck into the bank and was about to leave when I was cornered by a security guard. At that moment I felt nothing but fear, and anger. Anger that I had nobody, that I had to steal instead of paying. That I was the bad guy. That was my first time using the force. And I killed the man. I had heard tales of Jedi and of Siths. Of the power that they had. I used one I had heard about, one the Sith used; the force choke. I strangled the man until he died. I trained myself, and learned all the secrets of the Force. Eventually I left Luspubuth in search of a challenge against another Force user. I am not a Sith nor am I a Jedi. I walk the line. But as of late, I can feel myself slipping to the Darkside. I do not have much more time before I succumb to it. My time is running short.

My Appearance

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I have acquired two lightsabers that I use frequently.

My Secrets Are...

Im not so stupid as to tell that to anyone.

I Believe...

That Balance is key.