Mallory Ryder


Powers Breakdown (Click their names for more info)


Love Magic (Love Empowerment, True Love’s Kiss, Strong Heart, Love Based Spellcasting)

Mallory gets stronger proportionate to the amount of love others feel toward her in a given moment, but only if the feeling is mutual. This is normally a subtle effect, however bursts/displays of passion from others may result in more erratic and dramatic bursts of power. Additionally, Mallory can conjure up magical heart shaped pink bubbles that pop with explosive force to attack others, and manipulate the power of love and passion to extremes normally difficult to achieve, such as stealing someone’s heart with a kiss, or outright knocking them out with one.


Super Empathy (Sensorial Link, Empathic Healing)

An extension of love magic. Mallory can use the power of love to heal others, and is able to sense the emotions of those she cares deeply about over wide expanses of space.


Elasticity (Enhanced Breathing/Eating, Enhanced Flexibility, Malleability)

While not exactly Elastic Girl, Mallory’s body has a cartoonish elasticity property to it that allows her body to distend or squish a lot more comfortably than the average person. She cannot freely stretch herself, however, and mostly only stretches or squishes in reaction to an outside force. This means that while she can gobble someone up without hurting herself, someone else could probably do the same to her because of her lack of control over the ability.


Matter Ingestion (Contortive Ingestion, Digestive Assimilation, Digestive Manipulation, Gut Imprisonment)

Mallory’s body spacially contorts eaten victims in a cartoonish manner, making it seem as if they are smaller than they are to allow for easier nomming and carrying! She gobbles her victims up whole, trapping them and leaving them at the mercy of her stomach, which then digests and absorbs their powers, strength and energy for Mallory’s own use at her discretion. This can be but is not necessarily lethal, depending on how much she takes from the victim.


Power Supressing Bodily Fluids

As a consequence of absorbing their powers for her own use, Mallory weakens the victim in general while they are ingested, with this effect growing stronger the more she takes and the longer the victim stays.


Rebirth Control (Ability to reincarnate eaten characters)

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My Appearance

Mallory is a fair young human girl with a pear-shaped body build. She is rather short, standing at 4’9” (145 cm) and weighing 97 lbs (44 kg). She is strikingly pretty, the kind of girl who puts a lot of effort into maintaining a charming, feminine appearance through careful grooming, good hygiene, makeup and fashion.

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My Secrets Are...

Mallory is a passionate, fiery ambitioned young magical girl with dreams of love, adventure, and granduer. Although she doesn’t look the part, Mallory is a dork. She’s easy to fluster, has a somewhat immature sense of humor and can be rather naive and block-headed. Although she is decisively attracted to other girls, she is oblivious to the nature of her own attraction and firmly believes herself to be straight, not even grasping the idea that there is another possibility. Mallory gets along with people who flatter her and make her feel special or important. She has an intense love for the idea of sisterhood and girl power and tends to suck up to other girls if they let her. To this end, she is ironically a femme fatale who falls head over heels when another femme fatales so much as winks at her, mostly because she forgot how to breathe.