Jax Oracle

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Who Am I...

Skye's Mother

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My Story Is...

I was born and raised by my mother and older brother since my Father was Addicted to any kind of Drug he could overdose on,My Mother worked a job and my older brother homeschooled me and when I graduated… well just say my brother took me on a crusie exploring the Oceans of the Lovely Planet.Years pass,no word from Mother or Jason..and I get forced drugged that causes me to accidentally get Pregnant with My Daughter,Skye Orcale-Yatsuki who I vowed to sheild from the world’s terror

My Appearance

Dressed In a hoodie and Jeans around my daughter

Dressed in Amestyst Armour when I’m not with my Daughter


My Daughter’s ID

Dirvoce Papers

My Secrets Are...

I’ve Dated The Queen Of The District Of Issy


I Believe...

My Daughter Desires Happiness