Manuel 'Grim Reaper' Cavrona

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#wattpad #roman-damour Adria Lawrence est une belle femme de vingt-cinq ans, prête à tout pour sauver son frère. Même à user de ses charmes et travailler dans une des prisons les plus dangereuses des �tats-Unis. La peur est un sentiment qu'elle ne connaît plus depuis longtemps. Dans sa vie, il n'y a pas de place pour l'a...


Who Am I...

A business man, a con-man, the leader of a multi-billion dollar crime syndicate that stretches the borders of the known galaxy.

My Story Is...


Age – Appearance: 24-26

Chronologically: (Unknown)

Birthday: August 3

Species: (Unknown)

Sex: Male

Eye color: A very soft blue, almost teal

Hair color: Dark black, almost brownish colored.

Height: 6’4” | Weight: 185

Skin tone: Pale and tattooed

Weaknesses: Many. Women. Bitten lips. Blushing.

Clothing: Manuel dresses to impress, always has and likely always will. He has a habit of wearing rich, lavish clothing including but not limited to tailored suits, leather shoes, watches of gold or other rare metals. He has a fascination with metal buttons and will often wear them instead of the typical plastic that holds most suits together, cuff-links and all. When in private affairs, he is a little more withdrawn and prefers comfort over anything else. He wears sweaters, t-shirts, and usually sweats in said position.

Piercings: Gauges in both ears, a daith piercing in his left ear, a snug and upper lobe piercing in the same. Has a prince Albert down below with studs at either side of that appendage. Both nipples and a ribbed tongue. All, or most of his piercings, are done with surgical non-metal materials though they appear metal due to safe metallic paints.

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