Selene Nightstrider


Cannon Voice:


Who Am I...

Selene Genevieve Nightstrider; Former Pirate Captain and a Demi-Goddess of the Sea

Romantic Interests

All Genders

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Daughter to a Norse Demi-God of the sea, Selene has always had a knack for magic and sailing. She has sailed every ocean and river with her elder brother and her snow tiger familiar Gia. She has lived far longer than one would think, she may look human but don’t allow that to deceive you. Her mother was a Norse Shape-Shifter that had the ability to use a long forgotten thing. She, her best friend (Jerry the InnKeep), and her brother agreed it to be best she thought dead so those who killed their parents won’t go for her, for she is a Demi-Goddess of the sea.

My Appearance

Hair: Dark Chocolate Brown

Wavy, Soft & Silky

Eyes: Jet Black (If looked at closely, one would see the starry night sky)

Skin: Somewhat Tan

Tattoos of a Rose Compass on right forearm. Tattoo of a promise on left forearm. And a Tattoo of an inky heart on the center of the back of her neck.

Body Type: Petite, Slightly muscular, Slight Hourglass Figure


Her Long Dagger

Her Olde Pistol

Maps, Contracts, & Spell Pages

My Secrets Are...

Who her family is

Her Sexuality

I Believe...

That life is to be lived to the fullest extent, or else it ain’t worth living