Maria Sylver

Who Am I...

I don't know, do you?

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

I wish I knew

My Story Is...

I woke but I remember nothing. Who I am is as much a mystery to me as to everyone I have met so far. Do you know who I am?

My Appearance

Age: looks mid-to late twentiesHeight: 5’8″ weight: 190lbs.Hair: Dark Auburn waves that fall about her like a cloak when not pinned up.Eyes: Purple with silver flecksSkin tone: Lightly tan with golden hue

Body type: curvy but fit

Visible scars: A thin line that runs diagonally through the end corner of her right eyebrow to her temple. One over the back of her left hand and a little past the wrist that looks like wings in an abstract way.


(Coming soon)

My Secrets Are...

I wish I knew.

I Believe...

one day I will remember