Yara NakaMura

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a test subject

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not interested

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Hello, my name is Yara/Mariko Nakamura let me tell you all about how my new life started ……once upon a time there was a little child who was always afraid and  her family kept her locked up in an underground room, known as the chamber of the 13th seal and she was the 13 seal to lock her grandfathers evil twin locked up in the seal. She escaped one day when she was 5 yrs of age all she took was a gun and her torn teddybear walking through and over the realm searching for a place which she could call her home she then became a test subject for siclides then was destroyed as a test subject this girl wanders through realms looking for a place called home, she took up the name Yara meaning small butterfly

My Appearance

still in progress…


still in progress…

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still in progress…