I have a lot of characters. Some of the ones I might use the most are-

  1. Lucile Raven, a genius mechanic of her day. Millionaire and on the steampunk side of things. She lives with her young apprentice she sees as a son but holds a heavy secret about him that she can’t relieve to him even if she tried because of his short term memory loss.
  2. Professor Ravin’s apprentice, Lucas. He looks human but can only breath water to the mystery of most who meet him. Raven made him a helmet that helps him breathe that looks like a vintage scuba helmet. He has the memory of a goldfish but strong feelings of familiarity are still there to help direct him when he is the most confused. He is a genius in his own right but also is very unassuming.
  3. Phineas, is a mysterious figure that lives in the smoggy woods away from any close villages or towns. He it a sprite with white hair and purple eyes.  At first meeting he might make an attempt on your life because of his extreme paranoia and anger issues that stem from past experiences with creatures of other races, especially humans. He is slow to trust but is faithful to what he sees is right. Above all, his main goal in life is to preserve his dying race and protect his little sister and baby cousin.
  4. Mother Lilyflower, a mystical, undying sprite who cares for the unwanted and castaway children of her mystical world. She is a beautiful, kind being who’s past broken heart for her dead love caused her to seek out those who needed her help and love. She has adopted many unwanted beings like a werewolf runt that was left for dead, a survivor from her villages senseless massacre, a misunderstood gremlin like child that soon becomes the rambunctious baby of the family, human twins that were born on a 13th during a full moon and cast away soon after, and little nymph girl that was born with strange purple and green skin, cast away for possibly being imbread. With all this she became the mother of the unloved.
Who Am I...

Jasper / Sadie Sparks

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My Story Is...

For hundreds of years the light and dark elven kingdoms have been in constant war. The light elves fighting on the fields and the hermit dark kingdom sending out dragons to do there biding through a mesmeric piece of magic called the dragon stone. The Stonewall royal line has wielded this infamous stone for generations leading to there success in battle.  The light kingdom will do anything in their power to get their hands on that stone to no avail. Consequently, this led to generations of the Stonewall dynasty to grow mad and paranoid that others will find the real truth of their lines dark power. Through out the many years of war the dark elves had grown a distasteful view in the eyes of the other races, do to the Stonewall dynasty’s reputation of murderous madness, especially through the current monarch, King Brimstone. He is know to be the most vile of all. But with all this information, very little in know about this hermit kingdom, and this is why young Sadie Sparks was sent as a spy over enemy boarders to uncover the dark elven secretes and the know the where about of the dragon stone. To her surprise, in a moment of utter despair, a unassuming dark elven boy puts his life on the line in order to save her from capture. Jasper is a dark elven miner who lives at the bottom of his nations hierarchy. Practically a slave, he works long hours with little to no pay and lives in an apartment that my as well be a cardboard box. Despite being alone and in the rocks financially, being that the dark elven hierarchy system is practically rigged so that nobody can move up, he is actually very content with his humble life, happy, and (strangest of all) kind. Sadie is very shocked by Jasper’s out of place kindness that doesn’t match anything she had grown up hearing about dark elves. She starts to notice, as she spoke to him, that, as she is ignorant of his land, he is utterly ignorant of the entire world. Despite his blind trust in his nation and uncertainty of leaving the only place he has ever know and the little he had that he worked so hard for, she manages to convince him to leave with her once he helps he escape. And now the rest of it is history. So much happens after Jasper’s first step out of his secluded country and so much will happen.


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