The Followers of The Wandering Writer


“Yeah, those guys are totally a cult. They’re a little weird, but at least they’re usually pacifists… I think.”


~The Wandering Writer, on that weird group that worships them.

Who Am I...

We are the Followers of The Wandering Writer.

Romantic Interests

The Followers are largely indiscriminate when it comes to sexuality. It is very common for members to be pansexual, however.

My Story Is...

How the Followers of The Wandering Writer came to be is largely unknown. Many stories exist about how they came to be, but the truth has been lost to history, except to The Wandering Writer themselves.

The Followers worship an entity known as The Wandering Writer, a nigh-omnipotent being who is said to be the manifestation of thoughts and ideas in a physical form. The Wandering Writer is not their actual name, more like one of the most common titles among the many they hold. The Wandering Writer is considered an eccentric figure who can take on many appearances, and who love stories, knowledge, creativity, and freedom. Because of this, The Followers preach these concepts of creativity, knowledge, and freedom, and try to get others to follow these concepts as well. The Wandering Writer is also usually pacifistic, and as such The Followers try their best to be as well, unless they deem otherwise necessary. The Followers usually consist of Artisans, Scholars, and Bards.


Ranking for followers of The Wandering Writer, listed in order of Lowest to Highest Authority.

Letter: Very Lowest Ranking Followers, almost always children.

Word: Second Lowest Ranking, members are usually new recruits who have not proven themselves.

Sentence: Most average Followers are of this rank.

Paragraph: High Ranking Followers, usually have done something to prove themselves worthy of a higher title. Oversee groups of Sentences or Words.

Page: Higher Ranking Followers, have proven themselves many times, usually in multiple ways. Oversee multiple groups and their Paragraphs.

Chapter: Very High Ranking Follower, usually obtained by proving themselves as a Page. Oversee multiple Pages, plus all that they oversee.

Book: One of the Highest Ranks, Chapters become these after proving themselves, in a similar fashion to the previous rank-up methods. Oversee several Chapters, plus all that they oversee.

Bookshelf: Second Highest Traditional Rank, becoming one is extremely difficult, as one might expect. Oversee multiple Books, plus all that they oversee.

Librarian: Highest Traditional Rank, only the greatest Bookshelves may become one. Oversee many Bookshelves, plus all that they oversee. This is a title only given out by The Wanderer directly, and as such being one is one of the highest honors.

My Appearance

The Followers of The Wandering Writer can vary in appearance incredibly, as self-expression is highly encouraged among members. They are also usually not discriminant towards species, race, or background at all. However, there is one common feature among Followers, and that is the wearing of masks. Because The Wandering Writer’s most common form is that of a masked figure, Followers almost always have a mask, and most wear them often. It is considered good luck and/or a blessing for Followers when they have their mask on, though not wearing your mask is allowed, and not disliked either.

I Believe...

The Wandering Writer will guide us.