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Who Am I...

Matsu, the primordial being seeking a way to revive his people

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The War of Origin. A war declared by Matsu against Nakruin, an ancient god. Although Matsu has fought many wars, this was the most challenging of them all. The warrior race Jinjuu, a race Matsu created, assisted him in this was. Their competition were the Paladins, another warrior race created by Nahruin.  Matsu and his forces tried to launch a surprise stack at night, but failed because the enemy expected this to happen. The war went on for 25 years after the battle at the fort until an attack was launched at the main base of the paladins, the fight lasted a day until Matsu drove his blade through Nahruin’s heart. Although Nahruin was dead, skirmishes continued between small groups of the warriors, Eventually these skirmishes drove each race to near extinction.


Matsu participated in many other supernatural wars throughout history. He later settled down in southern Hellifyno, where he currently lives with Calamity and Paradox, Jinjuu that participated in The War of Origin. He spends his time now uncovering artifacts left behind in the war, hoping he can one day revive the Jinjuu.


Matsu owns Razor Tech, a company that sells energy weapons and battle suits to anyone willing to buy it. The company has constant shipments that are guarded by sentinels, high powered robots made to protect the supply’s being transported.



My Appearance

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red

Height: 5’7

Age: Primordial (Beginning of Time)


Matsu doesnt wear much, casually he wears a black jacket with a black t-shirt underneath and black pants. When he’s going into battle he wears a chain mail shirt and black pants.



Greed: A black titanium Desert Eagle. Its a regular gun, but Matsu can channel his energy into the bullet allowing it to penetrate magic armor.


Akari: A black diamond sword that can appear on the arm as a tattoo. This sword is seemingly weightless and holds great destructive power.

My Secrets Are...

Wouldn’t you like to know.


Primordial Blood Magic: The most powerful blood magic, surpasses that of the strongest vampire’s


Energy Manipulation: The user is able manipulate energy into deadly blast and weapons


Reflection: The power to reflect attacks of any kind back at the enemy


Nullification: The power to cancel other powers completely, this power can only be used a few times a day.


White rose manipulation: A power only know to Matsu, Calamity, and Paradox. This power allows the manipulate white roses and back vines with razor thorns on them, The user is able to encase themselves or others around them in a seemingly indestructible rose bud.




Passive abilities:

Enhanced Speed



Enhanced Endurance



Time walker



Healing factor



Enhanced Reflexs



6th Sense





Cataclysm: A primordial shadow dragon, Matsu defeated him in a battle of deity’s at the beginning of time. Accepting defeat, Cataclysm vowed to serve Matsu whenever he needed help. Cataclysm is bigger than any regular dragon, he has white scales with black horns and claws. Cataclysm can breath Primordial shadows, primordial shadows absorb the life force out of anything living it a lifeless husk.


Ignition: Ignition is an ancient light phoenix, Matsu found ignition as a baby phoenix and took her in. He raised her and thought her how to hunt and track. Ignition flapsher wings letting out a powerful wind that can blow away villages. Ignition’s most powerful move is when she fly’s into the air to absorb energy from the sun so she can swoop back down and erupt into a huge explosion. Afterwards she is reborn from the ashes of the explosion.


Disciple: Disciple is an all red being with black eyes that took on the figure of Matsu. Disciple wonders around the world until he is called upon by Matsu for assistance, Disciple doesn’t know how to speak any language, but he does understand English. This being was created by the combined forces of Matsu’s blood magic, energy manipulation, and ancient knowledge acquired during one of his explorations.

I Believe...

That everyone has a weakness