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Name : Matilda

Age : 313 ( looks closer to 25-30 )

Species : Vampire

Gender : Female

Occupation : Fucking Junkie

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Daughter of Mordecai

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My Story Is...

Born the daughter of Emeline Harper (deceased Vampire/Demon hybrid) as well as one very particular Vampire Elder, Matilda was raised an only child. Her mother was the only parent she knew at first, and that spanned over the better part of 20 long years. Over that time, Matilda grew lonely whenever Emeline went on what she called “hunting trips.” Finally, when she was about the age of 8 (in human years), Emeline brought home a young man with supernatural abilities, and she gave him the name Oliver. He had the talent of creating and manipulating fire. He was some years older than Matilda, at least twice her age, and he told her of the world he’d grown up in, since she’d seen so little of it.

One day while Emeline was out, Oliver showed Matilda a small container he had with him at all times, and a small white powder within. Yes, it was coke, but Matilda didn’t know that. He told her to try some, and of course she listened to big brother. Her life was changed after that. Her mind was static electricity for the next few moments, which felt more like a lifetime, but she was still conscious and aware enough to remember his voice.
“Lie down. I’m gonna take care of you. Let’s get these clothes off…”

Then she remembered pain. And a shortage of breath, like he’d never get off of her. Let her up, please let her up! And then it was over. Her ears were ringing and her legs were numb. Something inside of her burned. Hurt. Oliver threw her clothes back at her and threatened her with his powers, saying he’d burn her alive if she even breathed a word to their mom.
She never did say a word, for the many years to pass, despite many more incidents. Damn them being an immortal family. How many times did she take the sharp things against her beautiful skin? But it never helped. There was no help for her here.
On one hunting trip, Emeline took longer than usual, and Oliver tried to defile Matilda once more. This time Matilda ran from their home, her skin irritated against the sunlight she oh so rarely ever contacted. When she found solace in an abandoned building, she met three lost children. Their names were Mica, Peter, and Isabelle. Of the three, Isabella was the closest to her age. They warmed up to one another fairly quick, but Matilda was drawn to the cries of her mother, who had returned home and wanted her back. She went home and told her mother everything that had happened, from Oliver’s assaults on her body to meeting the three friends. Enraged with Oliver, Emeline trapped him inside of a jar she had cursed. Eventually she let Oliver out again, but showed Matilda how to trap him again, just in case.

She also warned Matilda not to make frequent visits outside the house to see her friends, as the outside world was never to be trusted. Matilda did, from time to time, sneak out to see her friends, and would return to a harsh scolding from Emeline more often than not.
Two years later, she and Oliver were left home again, and were without their mother for nearly a week. Matilda snuck out one night while Oliver slept, rejoining her friends in the forest. After a night of fun and games and thrilling tales, Peter and Mica fell asleep. While they sat and took watch over the boys, Isabella gave Matilda a tiny heart necklace with the word “HOPE” etched in its shiny surface. She told Matilda that she’d hoped for a friend like this to better their lives, and that God had provided. In response, Matilda shared a kiss with Isabella. It was Matilda’s first experience of such a thing that she didn’t fear, or altogether hate.

The moment was broken my Oliver, who had followed Matilda and revealed that he now had the prison jar. In a horrible confrontation that ensued, Oliver lit fire to the entire hideout, killing Isabella and her brothers. Matilda attacked her stepbrother in fury, but he overpowered her. He again tried to force himself onto her, and in the scuffle, Matilda reclaimed the jar and trapped Oliver once more.
Matilda wept for many hours as she buried her friends, before continuing tracking her mother, which led her to the city of Consequence. It was here, she met Mordecai.
She soon discovered that Emeline had actually been murdered by the man called Mordecai, who was revealed to be “the third Vampire ever to exist” (making him head of one of the First Five Families, “the Big Five”, The Vampyrum Spectrum.) In their second meeting, Matilda learned that Mordecai was also her biological father, and that her mother was far more evil than she could have imagined. Opting to stay with Mordecai, Matilda met Petra (Morde’s then-girlfriend), Valerie (Morde & Petra’s ally) and Miirk (Morde’s brother). She also met Sylar, (a serial killer with super powers) with whom her father was feuding.
Mordecai ended up leaving on “an important mission,” despite Matilda’s protests, and she found herself very alone in the big world suddenly. With only Miirk, Petra and Valerie at her side, Matilda fell to several brutal encounters with Sylar. Miirk taught her to the use of a sword to better defend herself, but it amounted to very little. Not only did Oliver escape imprisonment from the jar, but Matilda also opted to free Sylar (who was Petra’s prisoner at the time) from the group’s confinement, secretly of course, in return for his word that he would never again plague her family. A heartfelt, steadfast defense for her loved ones? Or misplaced faith in a monster that would one day kill them all?
Some time later, Matilda’s pain of her memories with Oliver, mixed with Sylar, drove Matilda to the conclusion that she needed to be away from the world for a while. After shying from the group for some time, Matilda finally returned, only to lash out at them each in turn and leave again in a furious state of mind. She returned home, visiting the burial site of her beloved first friends, where she buried Oliver’s jar next to their graves. She would later meet Magnus, a Reaper that was a long time friend of Mordecai. He trained her (over the course of a year and a half) how to perfect her half-Vampyric powers, as well as control over her emotions.
Once Matilda was done training, she returned to Consequence. There she learned that Sylar had been defeated and killed, Petra was gone, and her father was now faced with a new enemy : Balthazar, the head of the Fifth Family of Vampyrum (Again, Mordecai is head of the Third Family.) Balthazar wanted Vampires to rule over the worlds, and Mordecai was in his way. Her family was officially at war…
The ensuing battle, in which Miirk was one of the many Vampires slain on both sides, lasted four long years before it was over. Balthazar was slain by Mordecai in the end, a battle that nearly saw the former perish as well. Having been coaxed through the war by Mordecai (who had convinced her to kill other Vampires in order to survive), Matilda turned on her father, lashing out once more and accusing him of wanting no better for her than Emeline did.
Though Mordecai urged her not to leave (The Vampyrum Spectrum would undoubtedly retaliate against both of them, once a leader had been called to replace Balthazar as head of the Fifth Family), Matilda fled from her father and friends once again.
She stayed gone for much longer this time, only allowing herself to see Magnus and Valerie on rare occasions. In the weeks that followed, Matilda found herself falling in love with Valerie. This prompted her to distance herself further, but then everything only got worse.
She discovered that Oliver had escaped his jar (and the burial site around it), and before she could hide herself away, he tracked her down, torturing and raping her more brutally than he ever had before. Just as it was over, Magnus appeared with Mordecai, who was on Oliver in seconds, binding him with superior powers. As Magnus cared for Matilda, Mordecai took Oliver away, swearing to her that he would pay, and she would never be plagued by him again.
Seeing her father drag away the bane of her existence, Matilda finally accepted that she would never escape her family or who she was, and she promptly returned to Consequence and to her loved ones.

A year later, Mordecai had succumbed to his blood-lust after killing Oliver, prompting Matilda to join Valerie in trying to steer him straight. The plan failed, and Mordecai attacked them both, forcing Matilda to trap him in Oliver’s old prison jar. The women entrusted Aron Wolf, an intergalactic smuggler dwarf, to hide the jar away until they figured out how to deal with Mordecai.
Mordecai escaped the prison jar on his own and tracked them down, leading to a heated battle in the city of Consequence. During the battle, Matilda suffered greatly, starting with losing her left arm. Still working together, Valerie and Matilda subdued Mordecai with sunlight bullets, with Matilda punching a handful of them into his chest. The collision caused her to be severely burned by the harnessed sunlight, rendering her remaining arm useless and her face horribly disfigured. Further still, the blast of sunlight mortally wounded Mordecai, who would later die of those injuries in her arms.
Promising Valerie to reconstruct Matilda as best he could with his technology and knowledge, Aron took her up into space, where the procedure turned out to be mostly a success.

Before Procedure
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After Procedure
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The hair is still red but now it’s a wig, as the scarring on her head no longer allows hair growth.
At the same time her face also suffered irreparable damage, now unable to form most facial expressions. (Notice how her mouth never changes shape, it always looks like that.)

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