Matte Black, Space Cowboy

Intro Video


“You know, your hide’s worth a lot more than these here bullets… so I’m gonna need to fill you up with an awful lot of them to make this a fair trade.” -Matte Black

Who Am I...

A bounty hunter with a blend of frontier style and futuristic tech

Romantic Interests

A paycheck

Relationship Status

Flat Broke

My Story Is...

Lazy, chain-smoking alcoholic, or resourceful, sharpshooting bounty hunter? This trench coat clad gun for hire has had mixed reviews.

Once a solider in the military for the dystopian, cyberpunk world of Olympia –a caste based future world where the upper and lower class citizens are divided by the crust of the planet–, Matte Black is now a wounded warrior with no place in the world. Even after losing a large portion of both arms in a horrible accident, his military benefits only just covered the cost of getting him prosthetics and now the government has cut him off.

With horrid memories painting his mind and no more government money to buy himself a better life, this veteran has been practically banished to the Undercity, where the people are poor and the police either fear or don’t care to tread. Lucky for him, he was born in these dark streets, and Matte had a particular set of skills that allowed him to pick up a new career… bounty hunting.

So he travels the stars, looking for any problem that can be solved with a 12 gauge and anyone with a scalp worth collecting. Most of the time however he’s lazing around in bars, drinking to try and forget his traumatic memories and finding ways to avoid going to work.

My Appearance

Matte Black is of average height and build, around 5’11” and 180 pounds.  His hair is long and black and his face often bearded or stubbly, as he stopped taking care of himself when he no longer had to please the government that abandoned him.

Being constantly on the edge of homelessness he only owns one outfit: a brown duster, filthy and torn with use, his old combat boots, his military fatigues, and a once whit shirt that’s been stained with blotches orange brown from all the times he’s had to wash the blood out of it.

He also seems to perpetually have a lit cigarette on his person, as if the smoke is cleaner than the city air.


-“Captain KaChuck”. A pump action 12 gauge shotgun.

-“Left and Righty II”. 2 Taurus Raging Judge revolvers, chambered in .454 Casull and capable of accepting .45 Long Colt and .410 Shotgun shells.

-“Window Maker”. A big bore lever action rifle, chambered in 45-70 Gov. (Note, not Widow Maker. The name Window Maker references to the size of the holes in makes. Big enough to see through.)

-Cybernetic implants in both of his forearms that double as both prosthetic limb replacements and multi-tools. Primary uses include a high efficiency PDA, flask holder, and a pair of plasma blades that extend about half a meter from the wrist. These blades can spin around the arm.

My Secrets Are...

Being born in a setting of near total darkness for generations, the native people of the Undercity have developed an incredible talent for seeing in the dark.

I Believe...

Always follow up on contracts/promises, and never look a gift horse in the mouth