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Asmodeus or Ashmedai, also Ashema Deva, is a prince of demons, or in Judeo-Islamic lore the king of the earthly spirits, mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist. In Binsfeld’s classification of demons, Asmodeus represents lust. The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends; for instance, in the story of the construction of the Temple of Solomon.

He was supposed by some Renaissance Christians to be the King of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell. In Binsfeld’s classification of demons, each one of these princes represents one of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride).

It is said in Asmodeus; Or, The Devil on Two Sticks that people who fall to Asmodeus’ ways will be sentenced to an eternity in the second level of hell.

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Name: Asmodai

Nickname: Dai

Age: 26, physically. Her true age is unknown

DOB: Her vessel was born on May 19, 1993

Gender: Female, in this body, at least

Sexuality: Asmodai will sleep with just about anyone, so long as they are a CONSENTING ADULT


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Hair color: Blonde with light brown highlights and roots

Hair Style: Usually left down, there’s a slight curl to her hair, which reaches about mid back

Eye Color: Light blue in human form, a bright yellow when she lets her demonic aura flare

Number of Eyes: In human form, she has two eyes. In her demon form, she has six

Number of Mouths: One in her human form, three in her demon form

Skin Tone:  Her skin tone is a pale ivory

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 150 pounds

Clothes: While Samael (her Lucifer) tends to wear suits, Asmodai hates them. She prefers skirts and dresses, most of them barely long enough to be considered such. She rarely wears pants, but when she does, they’re generally skin tight and extremely revealing. Asmodai also doesn’t believe in shirts. At least, not in the traditional sense. She generally wears corsets as tops, only opting for underbust corsets when she’s wearing a dress. [See the Appearance section for references]





Who Am I...

A Queen of Hell. Used to be called "King" but this body is so much more pleasing, don't you think?

Romantic Interests

As long as you're a CONSENTING ADULT, then I'm interested

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

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Her world’s version of Lucifer wasn’t your typical version, and even she knew that. And, while Lilith was the first he’d ever created, Asmodai was one of those first. In those days, shortly after his Fall, she’d been called Asmodeus, and she was thought to be male. Her true form was one that could strike fear into the hearts of mortals, and she’d always chosen the most appealing vessels she could. But, that was only at first.

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She found a pretty, young, blond sometime in the early Viking Age. And the form of that blond, the soft, subtle curves, it all drew Asmodeus in. That was the time Asmodeus had picked a muscular, beautiful Viking man to possess. And he had his way with that blond more times than he dared to count. Lust was always in his blood, his veins. Oh, she was beautiful, talented, and he knew then that he just had to have her. But not in the sense of marriage or even just his own to fuck. No. He wanted her body as his own. It didn’t take much coaxing, convincing her he was one of her gods in the form of a human, convincing her to give him her soul when she died. And that was the only consent he needed. It was then that he took her body for his own, changing to one of his many names. Asmodai. To him, it seemed a bit more feminine than “Asmodeus.”

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Beauty was always something Asmodai enjoyed. And with this body? Well, she could get whatever she wanted now. She still followed her Lucifer, the one who had lifted her to the title of King. However, once she took that female form, she insisted to be called a Queen. Why wouldn’t she? Calling her a “King” didn’t quite sit right with her anymore. She’d slept with most of the other higher-ranked demons as a male, never daring to even flirt with Lucifer. Even though she knew that he’d never really had a preference as far as gender was concerned. But, even so, she still wanted to be in a more pleasing form when she did approach him.

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And that was what started that affair. She was easily swayed by most men, especially those who radiated power and could keep up with her. But Lucifer? Well, he could always find ways to keep her entertained, ways to force her submission. And, by doing so, he ensured her loyalty. Even if the other demon kings and Queens rebelled against him, she was always there with her legions to support him. He’d created her, after all, given her that lust that coursed through her. And without it, she was nothing.

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Lust, though, has many forms. It’s not always a sexual desire. At least, that’s how Asmodai sees it. Oh, she has that lust for others, especially the Lucifer she serves under. But there’s also lust for power, drug addictions, alcoholism. She is the…. well, for lack of a better term, patron of those things. Her personal favorite thing to lust for is nice clothing, shoes, makeup, whiskey, and pain. She’s the type to spread that desire for both material pleasures and sexual pleasures. It’s just how she’s always been.

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She took the form she uses now over 1,000 years ago. She was tired of a male form, tired of her demon form. And, in this body, she felt she would be more pleasing to Lucifer. The soul that once inhabited it died only a few short years after she took control, and now, it’s all hers. This makes it easier for her to keep it healed and in one piece. Though, no one knows quite what she’s capable of since she prefers not to let anyone see her fight. Lucifer might be the only one that really knows.

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My Appearance

Asmodai has taken many forms, many genders, over the centuries. But the demon finds that the most preferred form it’s ever taken is that of a beautiful woman. Much like this:

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Clothing examples: