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Vault hunter Alias: The Siren
Species: Human Siren
Planet of Origin: Athenas (suspected)
Reason for hunting the vault: To learn more about what it means to be a Siren

Action skill: Phase Lock
Special skills: Res, Blight Phoenix, Thought Lock
Skill tree names: Motion, Harmony, Cataclysm

Height: 5’6
Eye color: Silver
Weight: 175 pounds
Relation to vault or other vault hunters: She’s fairly indifferent to the other Hunters. However, she does work well with them, playing a mostly support type role while in the field. Except for Krieg. She actually really does like him.
Likes: Learning, reading, writing, silence
Dislikes: Axton, people with egos like Axton, being locked up like she was most of her life

Gun slot one: [Corrosive Pistol] Dahl- Hornet (Always corrosive. Fires a 6-round burst when zoomed in. Reduced accuracy. Increased elemental effect chance and shots have an elemental splash effect)

Gun slot two: [Incendiary SMG] Maliwan- Hellfire (Always incendiary. Slightly reduced bullet damage and accuracy. Increased magazine size, elemental damage and elemental chance with 50% elemental splash damage)

Gun slot three: [Electrified Sniper Rifle] Hyperion- Fremington’s Edge (High zoom magnification (11.4x). Increased damage. Increased accuracy. Increased critical hit damage when zoomed. Always used in combination with her “Res” skill, in order to revive teammates from safer distances)

Gun slot four: [Incendiary Shotgun] Hyperion- Miss Moxxi’s Heartbreaker (Always incendiary. Increased projectile count, fire rate, +50% critical hit damage bonus. Decreased damage and magazine size. Cannot spawn with a sight. Shoots in a heart-shaped pattern. Restores 2% of damage dealt as health)

Shield: Hide of Terramorphous (Combination of maylay, fire nova, and fire spike shield types. It also gives an extremely high roid damage boost)

Grenade mod: Rolling Thunder (When thrown the grenade has a very little arc and stays low to the ground. It behaves like a lobbed rubberized grenade at first but each bounce has a detonation. After several bounces or contact with any hostiles it explodes like a MIRV grenade)

Class mod: Legendary Nurse (All variants of the Legendary Nurse class mod grant the following bonuses up to +900.9 points per second)

Who Am I...

A Siren

Romantic Interests

Let's just say I'm riding through life on a meat bicycle built for two. With Krieg

Relationship Status

In a committed relationship. And if you hurt him, I'll Phaselock you, he'll eviscerate you, and we'll play hopscotch in your chest cavity!

My Story Is...

As an infant, Maya was identified as a Siren and given to the Order of the Impending Storm, the ruling order of monks on her homeworld of Athenas. She trained her Siren powers in secret until she reached adulthood when the monks revealed her to the public as their goddess and savior.

Irritated by the Order’s short leash, she longed for adventure and expressed interest in traveling to Pandora to learn more about her Siren lineage. She eventually realized that the Order was using her as a threat to extort money and obedience from the people of Athenas. After Phaselocking and executing her handler Brother Sophis, she headed to Pandora to finally satisfy her curiosity about Sirens.

Maya already knew of the Vault and the presence of Eridium before arriving on Pandora. After Handsome Jack learned of Maya through Hyperion surveillance footage of Athenas, it presumably didn’t take much effort to get the Siren on the train at the beginning of it all.

After meeting Krieg, and the conflicting emotions that ensued after briefly shooting at him and being subsequently saved by him, she reluctantly began to work with him more often as a fellow Vault Hunter. While he has a mild obsession with her, she finds some of the things he screams to be rather entertaining. And she’s willing to overlook the stigma, knowing that deep down there’s a normal person in there.

But after everything was said and done, the Vault opened, and Jack defeated, the Vault Hunters began to expand their reach out into the universe and search for more Vaults. Maya took this chance and decided to explore more planets and places that the others would find useless. And that, dear friends, is how she ended up on Hellifyno. Chances are, if you see her, you’ll see Krieg not too far behind. Just, ignore him if he starts screaming about his “meat bicycle” or being “the conductor of the poop train.” He’s an odd one.

My Appearance

Purddyyy '°'

ArtStation - Borderlands 2 :: fan art, flou â?¥


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My Secrets Are...

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Skills: Each number next to the name of the skill represents how many points are in each skill. Some skills, such as Converge, are only allowed to have one point per skill.


Ward 5: +25% Shield Capacity and –40% Shield Recharge Delay.

Suspension 5: Increases the duration of Phaselock by +2.5s.

Converge 1: Your Phaselock ability now also pulls nearby enemies toward the original target.

Inertia 5: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy regenerates +4% of your Shield per second and increases your Reload Speed by +50% for a short time.

Quicken 5: Increases the Cooldown Rate of your Phaselock’s Ability by 30%.

Sub-Sequence 5: When an enemy dies under the effects of Phaselock, there is a chance for your Phaselock to seek out and affect another target (100% chance).

Thoughtlock 1: Phaselock causes enemies to switch allegiance and fight amongst themselves. Additionally, Phaselock’s cooldown and duration are increased (3s and 4s respectively).


Sweet Release 5: Killing an enemy who is currently Phaselocked creates 5 Life Orb which automatically seeks out and heals you and your friends. The healing is stronger when you or your friend’s health is low (up to 15% per Orb).

Restoration 5: +15% Maximum Health and attack allies to heal them for 30% of the attack damage.

Elated 5: You and your friends regenerate +5% health per second while you have an enemy Phaselocked.

Res 1: You can instantly revive a friend in Fight for Your Life by using Phaselock on him/her.

Sustenance 5: Regenerate up to +2% of your missing Health per second. The lower your health the more powerful the regeneration.

Life Tap 1: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you +1.2% Life Steal for a short while.


Flicker 5: +30% Elemental Effect Chance.

Helios 5: Phaselocking an enemy causes a fiery explosion, damaging all nearby enemies.

Chain Reaction 5: While you have an enemy Phaselocked all of your bullets that hit enemies have a 40% chance to ricochet and hit another nearby enemy.

Cloud Kill 1: Shooting an enemy creates a lingering Acid Cloud, which lasts for 5 seconds, dealing constant Corrosive Damage to enemies who touch it. Only one Acid Cloud can be active at a time.

Reaper 5: You deal +40% increased Gun Damage to any enemy who has more than 50% of his health remaining.

Blight Phoenix 5: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy causes you to deal constant Fire and Corrosive Damage to nearby enemies for a short time. The damage is based on your Level and the Level of the Blight Phoenix. This also gives Maya her “wings” made up of green and orange energy.