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Name: Aphrodite


Actual age: Old enough to know better, young enough to do what she wants anyway.


Apparent age: 25


Gender: Female


Nickname(s): She has too many nicknames to list


Alias(es): She was called Venus by Romans


Species: Greek Deity


Birth Date: Unknown


Death Date: N/A


Occupation: Goddess of love, fertility, pleasure, and passion


Affiliation(s): Greek Pantheon


Alignment: Neutral Good



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Eyes: Blue


Hair: Blonde


Hair length: Mid-back


Skin: pale


Markings: none


Height: 5’6


Weight: 150



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Likes: Love, beauty, toying with mortals (on occasion), her children


Dislikes: Hera mostly. 


Talents: She’s an excellent matchmaker, for obvious reasons. She has a knack for making her overall look seem effortless


Reputation: Most of the Greek gods think she’s just an empty-headed whore. 


Love Interest(s): Let’s see… there was Ares, Hephaestus, Hermes, Poseidon, Adonis, Dionysus, Butes, and Phaethon


Friends: She has quite a few


Enemies: Hera and Athena


Relationships: She has had children with almost all of her consorts. 

— with Ares: Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia, Eros, Anteros, Himeros, and Pothos


— With Hermes: Hermaphroditos and Priapus


— with Poseidon: Rhodos


— with Adonis: Beroe and Golgos


— with Dionysus: Hymenaios, Iacchus, Aglaea, Euphrosyne, and Thalia


— with Butes: Eryx, Meligounis, and several unnamed daughters


— with Phaethon: Astynous




Her special powers were those of love and desire. She had a belt that had the power to cause others to fall in love with the wearer. Some of the other Greek goddesses, such as Hera, would borrow the belt from time to time. Aphrodite had the ability to cause fighting couples to fall in love again.



Many gods believed that her beauty was such that their rivalry over her would spark a war of the gods. Because of this, Zeus married Aphrodite to Hephaestus – he wasn’t seen as a threat because of his ugliness and deformity.


Despite this marriage to Hephaestus, Aphrodite had many lovers. Her lovers include both gods and men – including the god Ares and the mortal Anchises. She also played a role in the story of Eros and Psyche in which admirers of Psyche neglected to worship Venus (Aphrodite) and instead worshipped her. For this, Aphrodite enlists Eros (Cupid) to exact her revenge but the god of love instead falls in love with the girl.


Later, Aphrodite was both Adonis’s lover and his surrogate mother. This led to a feud with Persephone in which Zeus decreed Adonis should spend half of the year with Aphrodite and half of the year with Persephone.


Despite the affair with Ares, though, she still loved Hephaestus. Maybe she always would. Her heart had been torn between the Forge God and the War God, but she always returned to Hephaestus. But that was before she had a direct hand in the death of Ares’ human lover, Chara’s moher.


She fled Olympus, knowing that the wrath of the gods would follow her for divorcing him, only to encounter her version of Ares on Hellifyno. They spent a single night together before he told her, outright, that he was leaving her. 


With a broken heart, and a little bit of rage, she decided to stay on the planet. She wanted to keep herself away from the gods of her Olympus, and she wanted to be something more than the stupid, air-headed bimbo that the others viewed her as. 


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Goddess of love, beauty, passion, desire, and fertility

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