McKenzie Konrad

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Devil, devil
clever devil devil
How quickly they do sell their souls
For the feast and the promise of gold
But devil that won’t be me
Devil, devil
Bones of metal metal
You torture saints with a single glance
Make them think they ever stood a chance
Rebel Rebel Call me Rebel Rebel
I walk the plank, not a tear in my eye
i won’t go down your blushing bride
Under the water i’ll be sharpening my knife

you take the shape of
everything that I’m drawn to
you take the shape of
everything that I’m drawn to
but your eyes
are dead and red
red as rust

Do not try me devil devil
Cannot buy me devil devil
You won’t make a fool of me oh no
What makes you so special special
to think i would ever settle
For that devious dance between you and me devil devil

Who Am I...

Succubus, immortal, but quite human otherwise. I enjoy moonlighting as a P.I.

Romantic Interests

Men and Women (21+)

Relationship Status

I'm all business then pleasure. Sometimes, there's no separation between the two. And honey, that's fine by me.

My Story Is...


Just like most Demons,  I started out as a mortal. In fact, I was human mere months ago.

That’s how it goes, some times. One day human, one day dead. Heaven and Hell, you’d be surprised, are all very corporate. And, when you think about it, it makes sense that Hell is looser on their rules than Heaven.

I guess I got lucky. Who knows? A succubus has many options when Hell tell hers she has to pay a debt.

Hell wants more souls. So does Heaven. So, I’m pretty busy scoring points for team Hell. To help us blend in, we get human jobs. You shouldn’t be surprised most succubi opt for being something in the  sex field: stripper, escort, dominatrix.

But,not all of us. People in power can have large reaching impact (gas company CEOs, lobbyists, lawyers, hello!). Then, there are some like me who do other things. Me? I moonlight as a PI. It’s not luxurious. But, I can sleep with whoever I want and still keep my boss, a middle management demon named Seth, off my back.

Once a business woman, a slave to her work,  with  an addiction to bad boys: Work hard, Play hard. Now, a sexy succubus. The afterlife could have been worse.

My Appearance

We can shape shift. You never really know what I’m going to look like outside of being an attractive woman; it gets me what I want and what I need.

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My typical form is that of a 27 year old, 5’8″, toned and tall, black tank top, black leather motorcycle gloves, raven black hear, tight black leather jeans, and black thigh high boots. What? Even Demonesses like to be fashionable. Were you expecting horns, wings, a tail perhaps? You gotta stop reading so many damn books.


A pistol. A dagger.


The ability to shape shift into most things. Other abilities include: glamour, life leaching (controllable, most of the time), seduction, among a few others.

My Secrets Are...

I Believe...

We always have the opportunity to change, to reinvent ourselves. It takes a whole lot of work and that's why most people don't bother.