Alexander Itsumi The II

Intro Video


Alexander Itsumi: Note: Hi everyone this my 2nd account bc I got marked as a spammer (for nothing, I haven’t even been on since Nov 13th “second account created on Nov 15th”)

Who Am I...

Alexander Itsumi, traits: Lonely, flirty, (not) often nervous talking to people, especially girls •~•

Romantic Interests

Females, Preferably Neko Meifwas (cats) and 14-15 years of age

Relationship Status

It’s complicated… I like someone, they like me too, but we aren’t girlfriend and boyfriend yet.

My Story Is...

Just a sad lonely guy who likes history (no one likes that.) who also has difficulties with talking to girls

My Appearance

Hoodie, headphones, kinda cute, (but I think I’m uglyyy) and cat ears (see profile picture for drawing)


Phone, headphones, and Colt M1911 Automatic Pistol (self defense)

My Secrets Are...

If I told you you would laugh/hate me…

I Believe...

That Germany could not win WWII, and , "The deadliest weapon in the world is a United States Marine and his rifle." – U.S. General John Pershing