Ixchel Kachen


Ixchel Kachen is a fictional character, she is Native American and is the founder of a new school called Melcosia Academy. The school welcomes all humans, but there is a secret behind closed doors. Within the walls of the academy lies tools for new enrolled students who wishes to enhanced their lifestyle to something interesting. Ixchel is 6’01 ft inches with long, braided, black hair and hazel, almond shaped eyes that look at you with a cool, pleasant glance. Her skin is a soft, chestnut brown and the scent she wears is vanilla and cream that emanates from her into the air. Ixchel is all business-like, yet, she has a slight sense of humor every now and then. Want to change the way you have always lived? Seek Ixchel who will interview you on where you hope to be one day in the future.

Who Am I...

Ixchel Kachen

Romantic Interests

I am not looking, my interests lies in the future of my students

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am a young, Native American girl, my father and mother were scholars a long time ago. I didn’t get the chance to venture outside my homeland as my father was far more strict than my mother ever was. I love to write, sometimes draw pictures of everything I saw when I was little since I didn’t get a chance to meet new friends outside my village. Daddy would teach me to throw and hunt, mother read me stories at bedtime. Part of me wondered what the world looked like away from where I lived. One day, I was anxious to explore so I wandered too far from home while I lept, skipped, jumped, you could say I was very nimble for a six-year-old who often thirst for adventure. A young bear was in trouble in the distance, my instincts told me to help that creature but papa would get mad thinking I could have been hurt or worse. I didn’t care as adrenaline started rushing not realizing why I wondered so far to rescue a bear I never even met. There I was grabbing it around its neck, but the waterfall before me meant to take me as well as the bear with it. Luckily, I was still alive to tell my story of danger. A sip of hot tea to my lips as I laid asleep with a damp cloth on my forehead. Daddy was angry and scared at the same time that he wasn’t sure what to do about it. The years I lived in that village made me consider meeting new people all over the world that I took up the opportunity to build a medium-sized school known as Melcosia Academy. I met this enchanter along the way who was happy to aid me in building this magnificent school for humans who wishes to leave the world of humanity behind to increase their new lifestyle where they acquire a magical tool that tells of who they are as individuals. Mirrors give meaning to someone who understands the other side of life while weapons show this one is a fighter through and through while cards say this one lives on the edge, taking risks. So, think hard when choosing your path, it will be with you the moment you’ve made your final decision young one. You may exchange your choice with an exchange ticket that already came with your acceptance letter so be sure not to lose it. A ticket can be used after using a tool for three days, however, once exchanged then the tool must be used for four days instead of three, after that, you must purchase a new ticket with your student’s visa that is in a manilla, brown envelope that came with the letter sent to you via snail mail. Be sure to keep that with you when making charges to buy tickets among other items later on. You may exchange tools three times if you did not like your first, two choices.

My Appearance

Tan, soft, brown skin, hazel eyes, and high cheekbones. Ixchel stands 6’01. She is a young, Native American in her early 30s. A vanilla and cream scent emanates from her as one of her favorite colognes that she considers a reminder of her native homeland.


Shape-changing hand mirror

My Secrets Are...

I own a shape-changing mirror, it allows me to shift into the animal of my choice.

I Believe...

In my students' futures. The path they choose says a lot about them.