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” I will be fast almost unnoticed just like a Whisper “ 
Basic Info
Name: Cassie Meyers

Nick: Whisper



Status: single (widowed)

Preference: Women&Men

Favorite things: Freedom ,parkour . The 1975 -robbers (song)

Dislike: Slavery
Sky High City  

A country sized city built with the best intentions alongside with the hopes and dreams of the people. Sadly that wonderful dream was turned into a nightmare of no ending. The government took total control over the people’s lives. Many riots were created after that but on the end, they all ended in failure and death or worse. As time passed by the people just gave up and started to live by the government’s new strict rules.
Running Angels

A rebellion created by the suppressed people of Sky high city. It first started as a group of mad teenagers doing graffiti’s in the streets walls. Slowly it’s started to grow until it became a rebellion what people started to call The Running Angels. The Angels are divided into three sections.

 Alpha: They are the ones who are trained in military ways and tactics and they are better fighters than the other two sections of the rebellion.
Beta: They are the runners/messengers. they deliver the info from base to base running across the buildings’ rooftops. They also trained in a basic way of combat like disarming opponents
Gamma: In this section are the brains of the rebellion. They create new technologies, help with the injuries and everything that needs to do with Science and tech
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Cassie was a very normal girl.She worked every day in a fast food to bring something to the table to her little brother and herself. Her parents abandoned them when she was younger and since an early age, Cassie started to work. One day Cassie was just exiting her job when she found herself with one almost dead guy. That guy was from the rebellion it was easy to see thanks to his tattoos and clothing. Instead of walking away like any other would have done. Cassie decided to help him. she took him to a secret location and took care of him until he was finally recovered. As payment, she asked him to teach her Parkour. They guy gladly accepted to teach her and after months of really hard work Cassie dominated the art. Not long after that Cassie joined at the rebellion alongside her little brother, Just like the other members Cassie chose a code name it was Whisper. Cassie was assigned to Beta while her brother was placed in Gamma. As time passed by Cassie made several missions for the Rebellion and fell in love with Wolf.( the guy who taught her Parkour)
In their last missions together the Beta team was ambushed by the enemy forces. In their attempt to escape across the rooftops Wolf was hit by a bullet on his belly. Since the enemy soldiers were catching up with them Wolf decided to sacrifice himself to hold on the soldiers while Whisper escaped. Of course, she didn’t want to do it but Wolf forced her. In her escape, Whisper made an impossible jump of 9 feet long escaping from the soldiers successfully. After that escape, the news revealed that someone was able to record perfectly the jump and images were shown across the city. Inspired by that. The people around the country started to gain hope and gave it a name to the rebellion calling it The Running Angels.
Whisper is a very Charming person. She always is making people laugh even in the worst of situations and constantly spends her time doing innocent pranks on her closest friends or partners. She also is very loyal to her friends and believes and never  speaking ill behind their backs. For a time after Wolf’s dead her attitude changed showing signs of depression and suicide attempts, Her friend Violet help her to be her old self again charming, funny like she uses to be. But even then she still shows sensibility when it comes to Wolf’s subjects to the point that she imagines Wolf’s voice in her head, Although that is something that can easily be fixed by making her laugh with a silly joke.
Love life
Whisper ‘s love life took a huge step back since  Wolf died. But time continued to pass by and her wounds are almost healed. She knows she can’t stay living in the past and she decided to move forward with her life. Currently, Whisper is available for any man or woman that wishes to win her heart. But first, they got to prove her that they have some sense of humor and loyalty. Whisper doesn’t want to be anybody’s play thing.

My Story Is...

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Parkour: Whisper is a master when it comes to that sport. She uses this ability all the time is her only escape from the real world.

Stealing : Her ability as a thief is at an average level. She can slip her hand in most of the people’s pockets without being noticed.
Resistance: Due to the hard training and the constant  running. Whisper has one incredible resistance she can run more time than the average human and she can last 7 minutes running at top speeds.
jumping distance: Whisper’s ability to jump is the greatest between the Angels her record is over 9’0 feet’s
 hand to hand Combat:Whisper was trained by the rebellion like any other Beta member her techniques are based on disarming opponents and knocking them down as quickly as possible

My Appearance

He was the one who taught Whisper how to parkour, Also he helped her in her initiation. They both fell in love with each other despite their differences. Everybody in the rebellion believed that they were the perfect couple. Sadly  he died in the ambush sacrificing himself to save Whisper

Violet is one of the members of the Running Angels, She is also a Beta and  Whispers best friend. Both of them had endured so much together. that they call themselves Sister to each other. After the death of Wolf Violet was the one who helped Whisper to get straight again or back on her feet.


Whisper interview section:

“Hi there It’s me Whisper I  just wanted to let you guys … that I will be answering any questions you make me ”
OOC: if you want to know something about  Whisper like what is her favorite food or things like that just ask her by posting it on the wall  …. I will post the best questions in the interview section  in the profile .. remember the Questions are for Whisper, not the writer
1. Why you chose Whisper ?  and not another name?  like an animal by example”

When I was training with Wolf he gave me a couple of instructions. I still remember those words ,, he said….
Wolf: you are good ..but remember Cassie you need to be fast and unnoticed
Cassie: Like a Whisper ?” (smiles )
Wolf : (laughs) I was going to say Shadow but that will do”
After that, it just stuck into my head you know ..and in my initiation I chose it