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The meaning and definition of the wood nymphs are as follows: Definition of Wood Nymphs: The Forest and Wood nymphs are referred to as Dryads or Hamadryads in Ancient Greek mythology. The wood nymphs were minor goddesses and beautiful nymphs who were depicted as young maidens who inhabited the trees, woods, groves and forests of Ancient Greece. The Dryad wood nymphs were originally the spirits of oak trees (from the Greek word ‘dryos’ meaning “tree”) but but with the passing of time the name was later applied to all tree and wood nymphs. The Dryad wood nymphs were believed to be immortal and lived forever. The forest and wood nymphs referred to as Hamadryads were not immortal, these tree and wood nymphs who only lived as long as the trees they inhabited. The Hamadryads were born bonded to a particular tree.

The Woods nymphs are alluded to in many of the legends of Greek mythology. These references to the Forest and Wood nymphs contribute to their description:

Young, slender and beautiful maidens

The Dryads lived forever, the Hamadyads lived only as long as the trees they inhabited

They were described as minor goddesses, whose special duties assigned by the powerful Olympian gods

They were usually conceived as being both lovely and amorous

Forest, Tree and Wood nymphs were quite fragile, delicate creatures but would punish any thoughtless mortal who had somehow injured a tree

The lives of the wood nymphs were irrevocably connected with that of the trees

They were worshiped as spirits of fertility and guardians of vegetation

They could disappear by stepping into a tree

Offerings were made to the Forest and Wood Nymph to appease or thank the dryads it was necessary to harvest trees or branches

The sacrifices offered to them usually consisted of lambs, milk, and oil, but never of wine

They were generally very kind and believed to watch over the fate of mortals but conversely some were believed sometimes to appear to and frighten solitary travelers

The number of forest and wood nymphs is almost infinite

Some Dryads were also connected with the Naiads of rivers and springs who presided over the trees sprouting on their banks

Other forest and tree nymph were also connected were Oreiades (mountain nymph) connected with the dry-growing mountain fir and ash trees

They were also known as the Forest Queens

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Half Wood Nymph, half Sea Nymph

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Mason Cane ^-^

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Willow trees and daffodils. That was what I saw when I awakened that morning. With a stretch, I pulled myself out of the branches of my favorite willow, slipping to the ground easily. It was time, I decided, time to go see more of this world that I’ve lived in for so long! 

Of course, my sweet little robin wouldn’t leave my side. She was my friend, my confidant, perhaps even the other part of myself. But, that’s another story for another day.


Oh, but then there was the pirate, Vern. I think he was my first friend that wasn’t a bird, or a cat. Or a dog. I don’t remember how long I was at sea with him, learning about the other half of myself that I had oddly never known about. The more I learned about my Sea Nymph heritage, the more I learned that I had a secondary appearance. 


But that wasn’t the best part of meeting Vern. It was meeting his cousin, Mason. That was what made my time with the half-nymph all the better! I fell in love with him, I won’t lie, and we’ve been together since. So, if anyone even THINKS about hurting him, or flirting with him, or ANYTHING else. I’ll just have to show them just how FORMIDABLE I can be!

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~Together we stand, divided we fall~â??


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In living life to the fullest! No matter what