Myke "Mya" Wildflame


NAME: Myke “Mykie” Wildflame

AGE: (unknown)



SPECIES: Roc, Blood Demon hybrid





MYKE (alive) (age: Unknown)

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AIR (dead)(bullet to the head) (age: 24)

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CLYDE (alive)(age: 29)

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XARIA (dead)(a blade to the heart) (age: 7)

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ZARA (dead)(forced asphyxiation) (age: 5)

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KEY (husky hybrid)(age: 15)

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SUGAR (husky hybrid)(age: 2)

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CHILI (snake like dragon)(age: I dont know)

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FLOOF (Fox, owl hybrid)(age: no clue)

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FLUF (unknown)(age: I have no sweet fucking clue)

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Who Am I...

A Mistake

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Engaged – Elizabeth Amore

My Story Is...

Hes Dorky, Funny, stubborn, and a Teddy Bear! though someone with such a startling past its weird how he has became who he is


A at young age, myke lost his mom. after years and years of him and his mom being beaten by a man named Matt Cyguard; soon his mom fled to another world leaving her son, myke spent years of going through torture to finally track down his mom and come find her; upon arrival to the world of hellifyno he met wonderful people! he found his mom again and they were happy again! though the scars remain they were happy! A FEW YEARS PASS and everythings going well, myke had met some people, their names were AIRASHI and CLYDE. air and him later on started dating, both of them were in the marines, so they thought why not they could be together forever even out of the military, they had plans set out for them, so… on that fateful night. they were just about to head into battle when myke proposed to her. she accepted and they were OVERJOYED! they went into battle full of hope and BANG! she was shot square in the head… myke had never been more pissed off, he threw down his guns and he drew his sabers and he Hacked and Slashed down thousands of russians, they screamed in terror before myke ran out of energy. him and clyde were caught, they left her dead body back there. mykes face was covered in tears as they took him away, clyde was struggling and so was he; they took them to a dark room where the tortured them for day, weeks, months, years at a time thats where myke got some of his scars, myke withstood it for Airs sake, clyde couldnt though. he died in agony. myke struggled before he broke out, he slaughtered the rest of the team in cold blood… later on back at his home, he as living with clydes dog KEY and his son and daughter ZARA and XARIA he went to work, leaving key to watch the kids thinking nothing bad would happen. he got back an hour later the first thing he saw was the front door as kicked open. he ran into the house and to his demise… key was wounded curled in a corner whimper… zara was hung by a WHIP, xaria had a knife straight through her heart. myke fell to his knees… his family, was GONE! this is what drove myke mad, turned him into a sith; he was SO FUCKING GOOD! and this is how karma repays him. He went to town after town slaughtering people with his sabers. not called anything, nobody new him, some who lived called him The Awol Jedi… hes calmed down now adays thanks to his lovely wife ELIZABETH AMORE

My Appearance


he had short black hair, covering his left eyes, his eyes are like crystals, he wears a ripped hoodie to show his six pack and scars, he wears ripped black jeans and black combat boots, he wears a metal belt with a light in the clip of it, on his hips are two curved sabers, on his back is a lightsaber pike

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he wears all black shirt and jeans, the sleeves are rolled up to his elbow, a bulletproof vest under the shirt (Level 8), his tails and wings are gone in this look, he has a headset hooked to his left ear. on his thigh rests a gas mask

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he wears no shirt showing off his scars, six pack and tattooes on his shouders, he wears ripped jeans with his usual metal belt, he has black horns and solid black eyes, he has white hair and black war paint under his eyes and over the bridge of his nose. he has black fingerless gloves and a necklace with a blood red crystal on it

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hes a giant brown hawk, his wings span up to 30 feet, his tail feathers trail 20 feet behind him, he stands at 20 foot tall. in this form he weighs 8000 LBs

ArtStation - Roc, Guilherme Batista



Two Curved Sabers

Vanquish – Saber Forge

A lightsaber Pike

Adaptive Saber Parts Lightsaber I have constructed my saber-pike ...



on his left hip is a urban camo 1911, it has a black reflex scope, four extra clips rest on his waist

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and his right hip there is a urban camo CZ Scorpion, it is iron sighted with a urban camo finish

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hanging across his back is a urban camo SBR AR-15, it has a red dotted telescopic sight on it

SBR AR-15 Rifle with Cerakote Urban Splinter Star Camo by Joseph ...

along the rest of his back is a Urban Camo EBR 15, it has a EOTech Holograpic Sight

M14 EBR | Call of Duty Wiki | Fandom



a weird Velvet Box with his old fiancees ring in it

duoduodesign Classic Velvet Engagement Ring Box (Dark Red) | Zen ...

the ring….


My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell you…

I Believe...

There is ALWAYS a way to do something