Who Am I...

Ashlynn Virgil Griffith

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The, technical, second eldest of four. Ashlynn has a twin brother and two elder brothers. She and her family had a happy normal life until their mother died of cancer. Her and her brother were sixteen when it happened. Two years later and the twins were off to college, leaving Marcus to take care of Red since their father abandoned them to work for the military.
Ashlynn got kicked out of the college she was enrolled into due to killing her bullies. Though if she re-enrolled she would be allowed back in. But due to her knowing of not being accepted by anyone, she is now making her way through the universe to find something new. Is it love? Possibly. Friends, family, adventure? Most likely. And now, the Werewolf-Demon hybrid finds herself on Hellifyno.

My Appearance

Chocolate brown hair

Floofy Wolf Ears to Match

Dark Purpleish-Blue Eyes

Freckled Cheeks

Hourglass Build, Petite Body

Black Hoodie Jacket with Red Cuffs

Croptop (Different color every day)

Blue Ripped Jeans

Dark Brown, Leather, Knee High Boots




Throwing Knives

Dog Whistle

My Secrets Are...

Wouldn’t be secret if they were shared