Lily Queen

Who Am I...

Lily Daring Queen

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

When Lily was a little girl, she was afraid of the big wide world as she had grown up within her castle walls. But as she got older, now and then she would try and run from her home into the woods of Hellifnyo. Even though everyone in the castle warned her not to go there. They said, “Don’t go there. There are creatures, that are hiding in the dark..” She was always safe though, as she would run to the woods during the day..The reason she ran was because her father had started getting verbally abusive with Lily and her mother.

But one night with a setting sun, she ran away into the woods so afraid. She came home to her father having a knife to her mothers throat. Lily ran through the woods of Hellifnyo for days on end, getting as far away from her sadistic father as possible. The creatures that came out during night in the forest tried to lure her..But she always broke the spells or incantations they placed upon her. Lily is one of the slightly powerful beings. Being a Neko-Vampire hybrid she was, and still is, feared by most..Those who have encountered her in battle warns others to stay away..For if you get her angry enough..She can and will try to kill you as she has a nasty dark side..

My Appearance


Golden Blonde

Has the texture and feel of silky fur


Gorgeous sapphire blue


Petite figure with an average bust and a small hourglass figure


Flower crown of blue roses and marigolds. A white shirt with shoulderless sleeves that are large and go down to her elbows. A pair of black ripped jeans and a pair of brown hiking boots.




Pocket Knife

My Secrets Are...

Wouldn’t be secret if they were shared