Andrew Pinkadow

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–Character Info–

Orginal Full Name:

Andrew “Leevi” Pinkadow



DOB:June 4th

Magic:Air & Nature

Species: Neko, Wolf Human Hybrid

Weapon Of Choice:

Courtesy Knife-Bow

Who Am I...

Andrew The Fallen Father

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The Only Son Of The Pinkadows

I was born on June 10th,older twin of Alida and potential future God Of Hellfire and Nightmares.It turned me into a bad person as a child which I didn’t want and was too stressful

Just Play Along..

I tried as a Older brother and son to be what my parents wanted..but I had to watch my sister’s take the hits and pain of my father


My Best Friend,saved me after what my father did to our family and she helped me live but taught me how to change my ways aswell and I fell in love with her

Reverting & Wrong

The Night,Mia was taken from me..My Daughter betrayed me even tho i tried to help her so I went after who took Mia but took out my own Twin and then i took my own life after

A Second Chance?

Alida and I talked in the afterlife and i explained it to her,My Sister told me she wanted to be a Blacksmith but knew her daughter and my daughter needed us but when we were relived..I wondered what happened to Natalie

Mia & Natalie?

I found out Mia had died..of unknown causes and my daughter disappeared outta of the books so I will find her and make it up to her no matter what it takes..

My Appearance


Red Eyes

Brown Hair

Casual Clothes

Red Hoodie

Black Shorts

White Socks

Brown Shoes


Mia’s Ring Necklace

My Secrets Are...

I don’t think I should have any

I Believe...

I feel like this second chance I've been given,I don't deserve it