Mica Daum

Who Am I...

Your friendly neighborhood Assassin

Romantic Interests

The opposite sex

Relationship Status

Free agent

My Story Is...

Just your regular run of the mill assassin. Ok, maybe not ‘just’. For some reason, I never miss my mark. Luck has always been on my side – to which has made me quite a healthy living as an assassin.

I like to hide most things. Money, blackmail evidence, ya know. Important stuff. Especially weapons. My weapons of choice are mostly the kind that are useful for hand to hand combat and motion within confined spaces. Being well versed in bow and arrows and crossbows is a big help. But Sai’s, they are my favorite.

My Appearance

Dark colors – to better blend into the shadows and do my job right. How can you properly hide by wearing bright red or yellow? Flexible brown & black leathers or moveable fabrics that make no noise are my go-to’s. I like my hoods and face scarves. All the better to blend into my dark corners.

Long black hair with honey brown eyes and pale skin makes me a pretty good partner to the nightly shadows. I am lithe and long in the torso and neck, adding an odd grace to my movements. I was once told I should be a ballerina, if it weren’t for my curvy hips and breasts that would just throw me off balance. At least I am lean and stronger than I look. A bit of a fan of the parkour style, I move quickly and quietly through my environments, using what is at hand for my travels.




Throwing Knives. Crossbow. Bow & Arrow. Sai’s. Very slender and delicate looking rope of wooden beads that remind one of prayer beads, like small sized pearls. Small pouches of miscellaneous herbs.

My Secrets Are...

My true aim is a gift and a curse passed down within my family blood line. It seems to be stronger for me – and I don’t even realize it’s a family curse. I just always chalked it up to a ‘luck’ thing. I will soon learn……

I Believe...

You die when you stop to take a breath.