Apophis ~Apep~

My Story Is...

As I lash out like a wave crashing upon the sand,
Destroying the castles built by hand,
Destroying moral like a warlord on a killing spree,
A nuclear explosion in which no one can flee.
As nothing escapes my grasp,
As I am the infection that spreads so far,
Choking your voice until it is merely a rasp.
Please remove me from your life,
as I am here only to cause strife,
like a cancer in your heart,
you can’t quite get out,
always wondering “When did it start?”,
What caused this drought?
But do not fear,
For it is not your fault,
Let me be clear,
I am like this by default.
So love me or leave me,
It is up to you,
But you can not change me,
For I am evil through and through.

Apophis ~Apep~ ~Pep~ ~Devourer~
Embodiment of all Evil
God of Destruction, Chaos, and Snakes

What is he like?~
Apophis, despite what he is, is actually quite a mellow fellow. He wasn’t always like that, which means that he underlaying tones of darkness that wiggle and squirm for dominance when it comes to his personality. On most days he is actually quite nice and gentlemanly. Always a guy for manners and showing respect where it is needed. His posture is proper, his clothes always neat and crisp, he is the makings of a true ‘man’. Though on darker days where the scale of balance is taking a turn towards the dark side, be becomes more strict, and all manners seem to fly out the window. smiling, laughter, even friends are nothing to him as he has one thing in mind. Chaos.
What does he look like?~
With skin as dark as the finest tan, and hair that blends in with the night, he isn’t a bad looking guy. Standing in at an impressive Six foot Eight, he has the body of a literal God. His usual fleshy form actually reaches up to a good Nine feet, making himself easily spotted in a crowd of mortals back home. But in Hellifyno, he shrinks himself down to portal standards. Strong and sharp features accompany a heavily built physique that is often covered by suits and other formal wear. Though on occasion he will wear more lazy attire. He has a few tattoos, and a good selection of scars, but the vocal point is his eyes and what he sounds like.
Apep’s eyes were cloud blue, but not in the recurrent way the phrase ‘cloud’ was used. He was an artist, and true artists knew the colors and the many different layers there were to them. To every shade there were ten more shades abaft it, and Apep’s eyes were the perfect kind of white blue for him. Striking yet soft. Not the striking shock that paralyzed you or crawled under your muscles, but the kind that made your blood dance.
And his voice, was like a song in itself. In no way is it perfect, but it’s an orchestra of sounds. The bass of masculinity was a pure given, but past that was the smoky undertones, the gruff whispers, and the growling of demise all laced into perfect harmony. His voice was meant to entice and destroy, to lure and ensnare. All tied off with a bow, a bow that is a smile, though rare as it comes it is bright, dimpled, and pure. Odd, coming from a being of evil.
His sexuality is unknown, as he has literally been a giant snake for most of his life. He likes the warmth, but also enjoys the night where he can relax and think. Fruity things are a kind of weakness, and he doesn’t entirely enjoy herbivore stuff. He hates grasshoppers, he can hang with any type of creatures…just not grasshoppers. He is a closet artist.
Neith – Alive
Thoth – Alive
Sobek – Alive
Ra – Alive
Serqet – Alive
Hathor – Alive
Aniya – Deceased
Kali – Ex
Sekhmet – Ex
(o1x interests)
The Necklace~
Out of everything that could happen, a mortal became a Goddess. Now it wasn’t literally, no God or Goddess wished to ever turn a mortal into one of them. However, she was a special little ray of light that all ended up adoring. Her name? Aniya. Cute as a button with her big brown eyes, and black hair and a smile that could bring light to Anubis’ heart itself. However, to every good thing came a cost.
This girl came around when Apophis first chose to stop his antics, in fact, the great amount of fighting between Ra and Apep was the first thing she fixed, albeit temporarily. But she did sizzle it down. It took them by surprise, and the rest by storm as she was soon accepted to be equal with the Gods. Everyone loved her, and she helped out with a lot. Making sure the Gods made good choices, to stop neglecting certain things, while telling some to just leave things alone. Peace couldn’t have come any sooner or in any other form. Though, as he is…Chaos ensued.
Aniya was the only person who gave Apep a chance. Was the only one that listened to him and chose to forgave him for his years of hellish actions, and wanted to see the light in an evil being. She was the first person that gave him hope. It wouldn’t last long. Ra and Apep, the iconic duo were at it again, face to face and close to breaking out in a full on fight on who was the better God. On why Apep should be given a chance, on how the God of chaos was trying to level things out. Trying to change. And of course, Aniya was trying to help, but for once, this fight was the only thing she couldn’t solve.
Apophis lashed out, and she simply got in his path. He wasn’t aiming for her. He didn’t mean to…but as weapon pierced flesh, it was that moment when he realized it didn’t sink into the target.
She died there, moments after, with a weeping and over protective Apep cradling her bleeding form to his chest. He was broken, it was his fault, and she was going to die an ungodly death. However a last minute idea flooded his mind as he reached for the necklace he chose to wear that day, a simple clear crystal. And he drug her fleeing soul into it.
Now he wears it every day, every minute, every second, it now blue in color from the pure es sense of the sister he couldn’t save. It’s warm to the touch, and it pulses with possible life. He never lets anyone touch it.

Who does he know?
Augustus ‘The Demon’
Who knew. That’s what he thinks most of the time is simply…Who knew? Who would have known that August would be there, who would have known that they were going to talk. Who knew? Well, Thoth probably did but a warning would have been nice. Upon his first day back in the Inn, the Demon was there, and since then, he hasn’t left. From idle conversation, to small talk about their lives, they became friends in a matter of days. Didn’t take long until they granted each other the gift to meet up whenever they wanted. August was able to break down Apep’s walls like paper, simply stepping on them and leaving them crumpled behind him. It’s not a bad thing, but it is quite new. He enjoys being able to expose August to a whole new world with talents, tricks, and experiences. However, he knows his plan can’t be hidden. Will he trust August enough to tell him?
Hamlet ‘The Poet’
They haven’t talked much, but with their first meeting, Apep was flattered and surprised by Hamlet’s many questions on how things worked and on what he was. He does enjoy the small man’s presence, and knows that some of his tricks might be a little gross to him. However, he is willing to tone things down in order to talk with him. Friends are friends, and he has very few.