Morgan Seyfried

Intro Video


**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Morgan “Milanabell” Seyfried



Species:Neko, Human Hybrid


Magic:Breath & Mending

Weapon Of Choice

The Sheep’s Tamer [Whip]

Who Am I...

Morgan, Knight to Aubrielle Sagestone

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Crushing on TOP SECRET

My Story Is...

Pushed Away

When I had my sister brought my life, I was kinda noted a rebellious annoyance yet I only wanted to make friends with my cousins

A Seyfried, Not Sagestone

As I grew up, I started my training under my Grandmother Abigail, who’s no longer with us.

However my main mom (Valerie) decided to change my surname to hers since I was a little badass


I evenutally decided to try and be the older sister that Aubrielle needed, I even ran away to fix myself but to be found by my Grandmother’s Student (Arcturus Fowl) and he gifted a music box

Reality Blinks

Something happened somewhere in the multiverse, it felt like a piece was missing in the place of Uncle Artemis’ side

Around this time, Me, My Sister, Parents, Grandmother, Aunts and Cousins lifted our grandmother’s island house after our home exploded due to this blink

We had it revonated and now, I’m trying to develop the first melee bow

Understanding My Uncle’s Side

After the blinks ended, my Uncle Artemis’ and Aunt Alicia Introduced two new kids to us after Lily Skymoon, Jr was born

We would meet Lucinda Skymoon and Leonardo Skymoon

My Appearance



Eyes:Shining Pink

Causal Clothes

Sleeveless Shirt, Red Skirt, Socks and Sandal’s

Training Clothes

Sleeveless Gloves, Chestplate, Shorts, Knee-Pads, Short Socks, Armor Boots


Hageshi Clan Commucation Earrings

The Reawakened Sovereign [Grandma Abigail’s Katana]

A Music Box

My Secrets Are...

I think the mom I got my surname from, is little red riding hood?

I Believe...

Our lives are what we make it to be, not what everyone wants