Erevan Amastacia


Erevan is funny/nice/moody/endearing
He also has ice powers, two swords made of ice, and a bow that creates unlimited ice arrows. has 12 sisters.

Who Am I...

Erevan Amastacia. Eleven prince.

Romantic Interests

None so far

My Story Is...

I was a Half-Elf, so I never really fit in my father was also very hard on, so I didn’t really like my life in the kingdom. On my 12th birthday, my sisters gave me an amulet “we know you are gonna run away, so take this it will keep you safe” they said. The very next I ran away to find adventure, someplace to fit in and to prove to my father that I was good enough to protect my kingdom.

My Appearance

I am 5’5 I weigh 120lbs I wear green clothes and black pants, I have black hair, brown eyes, and brown skin.


Two ice swords, Magic ice bow, amulet, survival tools, dairy, and a picture of my family.

My Secrets Are...

I have never told anyone that I was a prince, I still keep in touch with my sisters back at the kingdom.

I Believe...

Everyone should get a chance no matter what age, hight, nor race.