Who Am I...

Mirabar Fire Elemental

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

child of flame, abandoned  and left to grow up  in hellyfino alone. As puberty took hold, the wrong attentions were rained down upon her, the fiery mind , soul and temperament to match. Grace, charm, unafraid spirit  has led her to many adventures, where she often finds herself in trouble. Yet somehow finds her way out of with a flash of her exuberant , dimpled smile. Maybe she is just lucky.

My Appearance

Standing 5’3”, toned and curvy, long red hair and gold orange eyes, this elemental spends her time entertaining, in various ways, in order to make a living. But she has a secret, one she does not share. There are other ways of making a living, especially for a fire elemental.

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Fire abilities. Able to create and manipulate fire. Immune to harm done by fire or heat. Most recent gift of regeneration to wounds.

My Secrets Are...

Im not as strong as I seem. I hate to cry in front of anyone. ANYONE.

And true happiness is only an illusion.

I Believe...

You live only once