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“There’s nothin’ like a fistful o’ lightnin’, now is there?”
—Atlas (BioShock)

Elemental control:


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Misaki also can combine these elements, using them for healing and wound cauterization. She also feeds off of the energies of humanoids. This is not needed to survive, but is more like a drug to her. The more she does it, the more of a “high” she gets. The more she feeds, however, the more often she needs to. And it also means that the longer she goes in between feedings, the weaker she can get.

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Who Am I...

A Kitsune of more power than one realizes

Romantic Interests

Diamond Bloodwalker~ Such a gorgeous redhead, isn't she?

Relationship Status

Taken by a gorgeous Panther shifter~

My Story Is...

Misaki was born in a small cottage just outside of Consequence. Her parents still live there, she thinks. She hasn’t returned to that place since she was eleven, when she went out into the world to begin training herself. She has always seen the state that her world was in, and she was determined to make sure she could defend herself.

Now, at the age of 21, she has all nine of the tails that a Kitsune is capable of having. And like most Kitsune, she can feed on energies. She prefers to feed on negative emotions, pulling anger and sadness from a room.

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My Appearance

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Generally, though, she dresses in a more modern style

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Misaki is only about five feet tall, and her tails are a stark contrast to her hair.

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My Secrets Are...

None of your business~

Get close enough to me, and maybe I’ll tell you

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I Believe...

That this world is festering with darkness. And it's up to me to feed on that darkness.