Misaki Yoko

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Full Name: Misaki Yoko

First Name: Misaki

Nickname: Misa


Reason nickname was given: It was just a shorter way of calling her, and she liked the way “Misa” sounded.

Age they look: 24

Actual Age: 30

Sexuality: Pansexual

Religion: Atheist

Magic Type: Elemental attacks, healing, defense, and other magic based on the number of tails she has acquired. Since she has all nine, she can use, combine, and manipulate all elements. Each element she uses or combines changes her hair, eye, and tail colors.

Race: Kitsune

Gender: Female


Optimist or Pessimist: Misaki is a realist. She doesn’t look at the glass as “half full or half empty,” she just sees a glass that needs more whiskey.

Organized or not: Misaki has a touch of OCD, so she is highly organized.

Neat or dirty: That depends on your definition of “dirty.” But, in all seriousness, she is extremely neat and keeps everything she has as tidy and clean as she possibly can.

Usual Mood: She’s generally apathetic, sometimes cold towards those she sees as inferior. And, to her, most everyone else is inferior.

Opinion on strangers: If the person can catch her interest within the first minute of meeting her, then she’s polite and sweet. If she finds them boring or inferior, then she’s rude and cruel to them.

General social attitude: She hates interaction for the most part unless it’s to further her goals.

How easily do they open up: She doesn’t. Not anymore.

Do they trust easily: Not at all


Abilities and powers [Keeping the amount of space detailing every single ability of hers would take up, there are individual links to the pages where her information can be found.]:


Water Manipulation

Fire Manipulation

Soul Absorption

Emotional Metabolization



Ether Manipulation

Kitsune Physiology


Portal Control


Elemental Manipulation



Who Am I...

Misaki, the only competent Kitsune left on this planet

Romantic Interests

I'd much rather not talk about it

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Stanley Lau(Artgerm)... | Kai Fine Art

Mi favorita Arte Ahri Fan - Álbum en Imgur