Sally the Lust Primordial


Editing note: I  have read the rules and have RP’d myself for a long while. This character remains out of Main Chats for now, those on the board that means. PM’s or private Location chats are fine.


Disclaimer: (If this is at all needed)

This character is a lustful spirit as well as caring. OC’s that are 18 or below intrigue her the most, but that can be in Private Chats if deemed unethical in the mains/location chats. Do not try to waltz your way into her dress unless I allow. Please say if you’d like her not to take that interest in your OC.


Name: Sally Dearness

Age: ??? (Looks 32 despite height)

Origins: England, Earth

Species: Primordial

She holds no title to being any proper Goddess/Demoness, like the ones in Heaven & Hell. Though, you could say she’s an Amalgamation of Death and Lust, however she’s moved away from the Death part despite keeping the tools to do so. One could simply describe her as being a Primordial instead.


There is no talk of powers behind the being, for she simply seems too “not there” to really count for much, until she approaches potential “partners”. Indeed, she seems to defy reality in a sense. However, her claws can indeed slice through just about anything should the need arise, her skin seems to take no damage of sorts, and she appears to contain an abnormally large amount of strength, at least when kept to herself.


She also contains a sort of pheromone/aphrodisiac factor. Her body radiates feelings of calm and pleasure, when she needs it to, and her scent is heavy and feminine, catching those who smell it off guard, making them hazy.

Who Am I...

An English speaking, anchient Lust/Death Demoness spirit.

Romantic Interests

Hmmm…I'm straight, though you'll have to ask me directly~

Relationship Status

Forever single

My Story Is...

See the source image

A long while ago…a lady fell victim to a curse…and said curse turned her into a pure, undying sin: a genuinely pretty but spiritually deadly Demoness, who kidnaped children and effectively killed them. She felt little remorse for pulling such things off, and it often made her…happy. That was, at least, until she started to see…differently.


Was it change in the weather? Or just “coming of age”? Or perhaps, she was taught it, by the very souls she tried to suck the life out of. Either way, she ended up having a form of Demonic, existential crisis, and secluded herself off from the world. One child, who now is long gone, came to her, and healed her through the sin.


Now, she continues to simply and idly move through reality, visiting different souls and making contact. However, she now more so enjoys simple pleasures, enjoying the company in general, though lessens it to 1 individual at a time. And, behind the scenes, she still enjoys indulging in more…”grotesque” activities~ However, she is not shy of allowing her Primordial nature to show, and to be used on those who she deems insolent.

My Appearance

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She has the outlook of some form of amalgamation between a Goddess figure, and a Demoness figure. Deep crimson eyes stare into onlookers souls, piercing their gaze, but not with obvious or even any harmful intent. A simple straw hat decorates her head, flowing with deep black hair that almost waves in the wind, going down to her waist. She wears a strange flowing white dress, which hugs the most notable features, being her huge bust, yet one can’t simply pull it off it seems, unless she allows for it.


Her form in general, hiding under the dress, is a sight to behold due to her height. Everything seems in perfect order; she’s soft, plump, with lots of smooth slender flesh, yet it all seems rather athletic, and toned out. Added to how imposingly tall she is, it gives her a super attractive figure overall. A huge bust half-hangs from her chest, catching the eye probably first along with her red gaze. Her legs are long and slender, thighs thick and soft.


Her arms and feet are what help give off a Demoness feel as well as the Goddess complex; each one extends right to her waist, her fingers long and slender, able to hold most heads entirely, but what’s striking is the very sharp looking, space-black nails/claws, that seem to almost upset her pure-looking nature. These claws also inhabit her toes.


Whilst she is no proper vampiric being, nor does she feed on much like Blood, she indeed has some fangs, which she can use to suck the blood of people. This however, has turned into more of a kink method than actual violence.


Nothing but the hat on her head, and the dress covering her physique.

My Secrets Are...

For those who can find her to figure out…

I Believe...

that love is a passion, and should be for all regardless of…restrictions.