Missy Jones

Intro Video


Control over snow and ice

She is able to phase through things




Who Am I...

Hero for hire

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Currently not in a relationship

My Story Is...

Oh hey you made it my name is Missy Jones but you can just call me missy I am a hero for hire. But you might be wondering why you are here don’t worry I will try not to bore you with my life story. My family is pretty normal of course I had to be the odd one out even without counting my powers I was always different. My family worships rules I on the other hand tend to break them what can I say I am a rebel at heart. I love skateboarding and doing just about anything that my family deems unsafe. It was my sixteenth birthday when I decided to become a hero. It was mainly for laughs but when I started saving people it changed I enjoyed it. And so now I am eighteen I have saved countless people. I  enjoyed the rush and made a decent amount of money I love about my life. I tend to get into more trouble then I should but hey I always end up safe at the end of the day. Am I a good role model no not really does my family approve my life choices no but hey I know how to laugh so that has to count for something. In the end what I do helps both others and me so hey I am going to continue on this path and now you can leave go ahead I will talk with you later.




My Appearance


Medium length snow white hair  

Age eighteen 

Slim slightly curvy build 

Pale skin

Bright light blue eyes


White short sleeved shirt with a rising sun on it

Light blue hoodie

Black jeans with ripped knees 

White sneakers 

White socks 

Silver locket







Her skateboard and a small pocket knife 




My Secrets Are...

I might tell you who knows




I Believe...

Life is what you make of it